Like many maths units, this one consists of two parts: Statistics and OperationsResearch. The sections are given a 3:1 weighting.

The statistics section is dull and boring, but you should attend it. Experience has proven that it can also be passed by cramming the notes right before the exam.

The #1 best thing you can do to help pass the statistics section is to do the worksheets. At the very least do the questions from the workshops. This advice may be outdated now that Robin isn't teaching the unit.

The OperationsResearch section shares a lot in common with AlgorithmsCITS3210, but read the notes for some extra bits not covered in the algorithms unit. DiscreteStructuresCITS2211 also has some parts in common, but you're unlikely to do them both unless you change majors mid-way through your degreee.

MathematicsE2AMATH2217 contains the content on how to do two-dimensional calculus and JacobianDeterminates, although many engineers will do this unit first for some unknown reason.

Stats taken by RobinMilne, OperationsResearch by SongWang.

RobinMilne will probably not be taking this unit in 2006.

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