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 * [[http://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/mailman/admin|Mailman Lists]]  * <!> [[http://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/mailman/admin|Mailman Lists]]
 * {*} <!> [[https://secure.ucc.asn.au/phppgadmin/| Postgres DB web interface]]
 * {*} <!> [[https://secure.ucc.asn.au/phpmyadmin/| MySQL DB web interface]]

UCC Mission Control

Systems and Networks - because it's our job to know.

This page is a tool for Wheel members and associated hangers-on. It contains links to a number of useful places for monitoring and administration of the UCC's technical resources.

Links denoted with <!> require credentials to access. Do not post credentials or hints on this page.
Links denoted with {*} can only be accessed from inside the UCC network (so you need to use port forwarding, VPN, remote desktop, tunneling, proxying, or be there in person).

Some pages may be IP restricted.


  • ChangeLog It's important to let others know what you've been doing. Please enter a short description of any work that is performed on this page

  • Online Meetings occur using Big Blue Button when scheduled

  • <!> Current issues that can/should be worked on (this is also the action list developed during tech meetings)

  • WheelMentoring a list of things new wheel members should go through with their mentor after they are added to wheel

Network Monitoring

Network Administration


Access Points

Systems Monitoring

Systems Administration

Service Administration