The club would like to buy a new aircon. We would also like members to donate for it. The model will be the Kelvinator KWH62CRA for $943, incl. 7-year extended warranty, details at:

Members who have pledged a donation:

  • James Andrewartha [TRS] : $50
  • Mitch Kelly [FEL] : $25
  • Andrew Shugg : $50
  • Chris Squire : $50
  • Nick Bannon [NTU] : $50
  • Daniel Axtens [DJA]: $20
  • Member Name TLA : $<amount>

Due to the Guild's pending refurbishment of Cameron Hall, this has been deferred. Instead, we could just replace atacama, which is 45cm wide by 35cm high and fits into the 53cm wide space next to gibson.