Musdea is a fish

How/where the machine was maintained

Acquired from Fugro FSI as a donation in 2008 (maybe 2007?)

History prior to arriving to UCC

Part of a computing cluster working on seismic imaging.

UCC machine history

Musdea was configured in 2008 as part of the GNOME tinderbox project In 2013(ish) became a VM.

Current machine tasks

  • General User server for testing things work in BSD

Current software configuration

  • FreeBSD 12.0-Release-p4
  • Accepts user logins, mounts /home

Current hardware configuration

  • Dual Virtual Xeon 3.0GHz CPUs
  • 2GB of RAM

Future plans for the machine

Do more automated builds

Thanks to:

  • Fugro FSI for donating the machine
  • [DAA] for setting it up