"The maelstrom! the maelstrom!" Could a more dreadful word in a more dreadful situation have sounded in our ears! We were then upon the dangerous coast of Norway. Was the Nautilus being drawn into this gulf at the moment our boat was going to leave its sides? We knew that at the tide the pent-up waters between the islands of Ferroe and Loffoden rush with irresistible violence, forming a whirlpool from which no vessel ever escapes. From every point of the horizon enormous waves were meeting, forming a gulf justly called the "Navel of the Ocean," whose power of attraction extends to a distance of twelve miles. There, not only vessels, but whales are sacrificed, as well as white bears from the northern regions.

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea by Jules Verne
(UCC sub-naming-scheme: Macintoshs: Naval disasters)

Nautilus and AppleVision 1710AV

How/where the machine was maintained

Nautilus was bought in 1998 with money from O'Day takings and with member donations. It was bought from Winthrop Australia .

History prior to arriving to UCC

Born at UCC, bought brand new.

UCC machine history

Current machine tasks

Current software configuration

  • MacOS Z1-9.1, kiosk mode login
  • MacOS X (10.1 ?)

Current hardware configuration

  • 224MiB DRAM (n x m MiB DIMMs?)
  • 2 x 4MB VRAM
  • x24 speed CD-ROM
  • Zip drive
  • PPC750 266MHz "G3" CPU
  • HP LCD monitor
  • Apple (Miro) AV option
  • FireWire (IEEE1934) card

Future plans for the machine

None at present.

Thanks to:

  • [PGW] for pushing for the UCC to buy the G3
  • Apple Australia for helping UCC in arranging the purchase
  • Winthrop Australia for providing a low cost for the G3