Soon we will have a new fileserver. To do all our storage needs. But we will still have the net app, and NetApp might be donating to us another (second hand) one. What could we do with storage that wan't be as fast as the new file server, nor as reliable? We could host a mirror

Things we could mirror


Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. There is only one CTAN mirror in austalia, (NSW), and that isn't super reliable.


Source forge

  • Space Required, 4-10TB
  • Bandwidth required >150Mb/s

We can't afford that bandwidth



Prob not worth it to us. Could just Squid cache the whole thing.

Linux.Conf.Au 2014

  • Space Required: < 250GB

  • Bandwidth Required: Low
  • How To: Talk to People who ran LCA2014

Academic Torrents

Torrents though, so we will need to get permission.

Advantages of us Hosting a mirror site

  • Increase how well known we are
  • Decease our own download times.
  • Be good people