Unix Servers
Most Unix servers at the UCC have, for most of the club's existence, been given names of fish starting with M. For some reason, fish and the UCC is pretty synonymous. We even had a mobile (like what you give little children) of cardboard fish hanging from the roof for several years.

Oligoboot: Windows/Linux
Continuing the fish theme, machines owned by UCC that boot Windows and/or Linux are named after fish starting with C. (There are a few other Windows machines in the clubroom, but they are owned by members, rather than the club.)

Use this link for a list of fish.

Named after cute fluffy animals. Because why not.

ARM Architecture Machines
Regardless of operating system, ARM machines are named after weapons.

Thin Clients (thinterms)
In contrast to our NeXT boxes (below), the thinterms - also in black cases - have been named after different shades of black. This has provoked several arguments over whether there are, in fact, shades of black.


The UCC has a number of X-Terminals, but originally two. Naturally, they were named after the lead characters on The X Files. Subsequent x-terminals have been named after other series characters, specifically The Lone Gunmen.

We have a few Apple Macintoshes in the clubroom, and they are named after ships that have sunk in terrible disasters.

Unix Workstations
NeXT machines came in black cases, and SGI workstations often came in colourful cases, so they are named after a colour different to the case just to confuse the masses when they sit down in front it.

Named after shades of red. (someone to clean up this entry)

Any PCs running anything but Linux are given other names. There is nothing special about them! They used to be named after things hellish, but recently they are being named after dogs (well, those running the evil MS-DOS are).

Cooling devices
Any air-conditioners, freezers or fridges are being named after deserts.

Printers are named after types of light.

Are named after types of oil (Blame cisco and crisco).

Wireless Access Points
Named after flying fish.

Storage devices and controllers
Are named after companies that failed spectacularly

New Machines outside of the clubroom
Are named after fictional or mythical animals.

Are named after nuclear disasters. This seemed appropriate given the state of our microwave and kettle.

The majority of the UCC's machines have been donated to the Club from various businesses and University Departments. Others have been bought from these groups at minimal prices. Some of these groups have supplied parts for our machines also. A list of these groups can be found on our sponsors page