Professional Computer is an odd unit - it has 10 lectures on professional ethics at the start, but the main focus is on the team project. The project is a semester-long task for someone with ties to the uni, and these days is usually just PHP plus MySQL. More recently they seem to be mobile (iOS) applications. It is suggested that you choose a project that you could complete by yourself withing 60 hours, as it is likely to be what will happen.

Although it has been possible in the past to not do the essay and still pass, you now require 40% in both the project and the essay to pass the unit :-( .

The essay is on an ethical problem and how you apply the AustralianComputerSociety code of ethics to it. The major project requires you to form a team of around 7 people. The project is split up into 4 phases:

  • Deliverable A - the RequirementsAnalysisDocument - after meeting with your "client" you are expected to produce a design that is suitable for them

  • Deliverable B - more details from in the RAD from Deliverable A, plus testing documentation, design documentation, etc. This is more work than it looks.
  • Deliverable C - the project itself
  • Deliverable D - a presentation on the project and a personal reflection

In past years there have also been a number (4) of mentoring sessions held between your group and someone who works in the industry.

Unit has previously been coordinated by RichardThomas, who also did the ethics lectures.
The UWA Diversity Officer (name?) did a lecture on diversity. Copyright and digital divide lectures have been done by KimHeitmann
Unit has been coordinated by MichaelWise

Previously UCCans who have done this unit have had their hair go grey, gone partially blind and become addicted to painkillers or have started prematurely balding and gained wrinkles.

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