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So in light of the Loft redevelopment and [M12]'s great desire to get Quiz Night off the ground earlier than ever this year, UCC is going to start putting together a Prospectus to start putting out feelers for Sponsorship.

Below will be much in the way of marketing speak and general doubletalk to make us seem like the greatest institution in the universe (aren't we already guys?)

Prospectus 101

The basic idea behind a Prospectus is to put everything you have to offer a potential sponsor in one handy and easy to peruse document. Through reading a prospectus, a company that has never heard of us should have a decent understanding of what we do, what we provide our membership and how we operate.

Basic Rules:

  • The document should clearly represent the UCC as it is.

    • We can add flair and make ourselves look a little better, but we really don't want to use stupidly pretentious language. More often that not, bigger companies will want to sit down in front of someone(s) and if they can't use the same language as what the Prospectus uses, they're gunna wonder how much of their money will be going towards the next prospectus.
  • Have a wide variety of events/offers/whatever to offer potential sponsors
    • The trap a lot of places fall into is putting all their eggs into a couple of baskets by either only mentioning a few possibilities or creating a tiering sponsorship system (Platinum, Gold, Silver...). You aren't going to attract a wide variety of sponsors by doing this and you will probably leave out what could have been your biggest demographic by doing so. I don't care if you think having PLE stickers on all of our machines sounds like a stupid idea, companies will pay for advertising

  • The sky is the limit with ideas
    • Seriously
    • If you think it would be really great to hold X event but it might take some money to set it up then chances are we should put it in the prospectus. Now I don't want anyone being stupid and suggest a campfire or something, but you get the idea!
  • At the end of the day, it's all advertising

    • We can come up with great ideas for what to put into the prospectus, but at the end of the day a company is going to be looking for some logo somewhere or getting a mention to our membership at some stage. They'll love good events and innovative ideas, but don't for a second think that they will see anything aside from what's in it for them (smashed hopes and dreams of a Utopian Society can be handed to any Commerce student you know)

TBC when [M12] finds the document he was given about making killer Prospectuses... Prospectii... whatever!

What we need


  • We can't put a good prospectus together without some great ideas on what we as a club have to offer. There's a subheading below for anyone who has ideas on what we could offer companies

Editor Nazis

  • Grammar, spelling, sentence structure... Persecute away and make any nit-picky changes to anything in the WIP area (or my general ramblings as well if I'm particularly bad) so we don't look like peons


  • Someone had an idea but not willing to write about it? You should flesh an idea out a bit!
  • Whilst the end product will be written by and edited down by a handful of people to keep the language and feel of the entire document consistent, you never know what you might come across when you spend 10 minutes fleshing out an idea or writing a draft.


  • We are a social club, so we can show off some of the things we do through photos. The look nice and break up the monotony of a text based Prospectus
  • points to photos that make it look like we have a gigantic reach


Ideas go here

Layout goes here

This is the heading layout of the prospectus... Pretty fluid and such, but it does need to be logical and have a flow.

  • Introduction
  • Words from the President & The Committee

  • Contents
  • ...

Contents goes here

We may want to come up with a simple markup process to show when new stuff has been written, when stuff has been finalised and the like


People don't do things, the word prospectus is scary, Frames is going to make a thing cos it isn't that hard.

Frames Bunnings

Dear Bunnings Manager,
We are writing to you, to ask for your store's support and sponsorship,
in the construction of the UCC's new machine room.
The University Computer Club (UCC) at UWA is the southern hemisphere's oldest student computing society. This year is our 40th birthday.
The UCC is a student run club, we provide enterprise level equipment, to our members. From hosting of virtual machines, to soldering irons to Oscilloscopes.
You may have heard of our internet enabled Coke machine (http://www.ucc.asn.au/services/drink.ucc) recently refurbished with a new PLC brain.

Core to the services we provide, is our machine room.
This is basically a 3.5m cube shaped, air-conditioned room with in our clubroom.
With in it is contained our servers. They generate a lot of heat, and need to be kept cool.
This room was built by members over 10 years ago,
We are looking to refurbish it for club's future.
We are considering exciting options, such as reinforcing its roof and installing a ladder for more storage space, or even a mezzanine floor for members.

How you can help:

You can help us out by:

  • donating raw materials (you might like to do this through a Gift Card),
  • the lending of a trailer,
  • or by providing of prizes for us to use in our other fund raising endeavours.

What we can offer you:

Depending on the level of sponsorship you can provide, we can show our gratitude (and promote your business) through means including:

  • Your message on the Sponsors section of our website (http://www.ucc.asn.au/sponsors/)

  • Your logo in our Fresher Guide - a pamphlet distributed to over 300 students on O-Day.
  • Your sticker on our banner, displayed in the clubroom and at all our events.
  • A plaque on the reconstructed machine room wall, "This room made possible with the support of Bunnings Subiaco, 2014"

We are also inviting our gold class sponsors to our 40th anniversary dinner, where they will be given a chance to speak to assembled members, past and present.

We look forward to hearing from you
Kind Regards,
Lyndon White
On behalf of UCC Committee 2014

Email: [email protected]
Post:<<BR>> M22 - Box 30
Att: UCC
C/O: UWA Guild of Undergraduates
Stirling Highway
Crawley 6009