Psych 102 is the second of the first-year units - see also PsychologyPSYC1101. It picks up from where 101 left off, although you can quite happily do 102 without 101, particularly if you have any background in stats (Year 12 Applic is more than enough).

It's fairly straightfoward again although deals with some much more interesting subjects.

Some more new lecturers and some of the old ones, who again switch topic areas from year to year. iLectures are made available with full video so don't worry if you have a couple of clashes.

Labs are allocated two hours and can generally be shortened a lot, so pick an afternoon one if you can because that way the tutor wants to go home as much as you do. Make sure you go to them - they are much more important than in first semester and you will do and see some really creepy and awesome stuff.

The lab report is similar to the first semester one although you are required to do more statistics work.

The exam is another stack of multiple-choice and a couple of essays. You get the list of questions beforehand and they pick a few off it, so split the essay questions up with some friends or lab group and try and get them all pre-written - they're pretty easy.

Like 101, 102 is fairly slack, as long as you don't let the abnormal stuff wig you out too much.

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