1 early model pentium box, 64mb ram, missing front bezel

1 Toshiba satellite pro 430CDT laptop, win 95, pentium, takes 240V input on a standard cable

1 sunblade 150 (same model as sidderog was)

1 blackbox servselect ?kvm?

1 blackbox ?serial? server

1 nec versa 4050c pentium laptop (takes obscure power input plug, no charger)

1 box of assorted sun/dec keyboards ( I realise a good example of each should be kept, but dispose of the crappy ps2 ones. Any NeXT keyboards should share their fate with beige)

1 TKB-1 video distributor (selects between ITV and BTV, has 3 outputs)

1 0-20V isolation amplifier (rackmount, no idea what it's for)

2 shelves of 76G FC disks, 1Gbps connection (recently retired from the machine room, all disks working)

1 printer that used to drive the disco ball

1 HBM RP21 thinnet-parallel printer adapter, to drive the mirrorball printer

1 NEC LT260K projector, works but picture is very dim and bulb is way past lifetime

1 DEC DEMPR thin net repeater, 8 port

1 LYNX/scitec asynchronous line driver, ex-UCS

1 BE box. Mobo, psu and case only. Case is bright blue, but missing front panel.

1 BE box. Magenta -

1 P4 machine (mobo fried, and possibly other parts too, ex plojects bench). Case is good.

1 Dual CPU amd box, very big, parts only, no ram (DDR), no psu

1 CRC MH4B SCSI HDD, 100V input, ?4 gig?

1 240V-100v stepdown transformer, american output socket

1 UCC banner, all black with old logo in white

1 UCC banner, white with the letters "UCC" painted on in fluoro polka-dots

1 Citizen receipt printer, parallel input

1 BBC Domesday Project LaserDisc Player, powers on, condition otherwise unknown

1 'rotating table indicator', hand made, has nixie tubes, unknown function, would most likely explode if powered on

2 Optical Systems Design OSD170 Fibre PCM terminals

1 Converter Concepts WI60-371-01 power supply unit, ouputs 5V@5A, +15V@2A, -15V@1A (made november 89)

2 SGI O2's, one borked, one that we don't have a screen for

1 SGI Indigo, unknown condition

1 appletalk server, 4 channels

1 HP business inkjet 2800, A3 colour, no paper tray, unknown if it works

~20 9G SCSI disks in chunky plastic caddies

1 circuit board, approx 35cm x 40cm, has 6 parallel ports and a Motorolla 68010 processor on it. No identifying marks.

1 circuit board, size as above, no ports, ram board perhaps?

1 circuit board, size as above, ports for a floppy drive, tape drive, printer, and a 'wren' port (I guess that's for *new* and *upgraded* the 72MB Seagate Wren HDD)

The previous 3 boards go into the same slots, so I guess the same machine. All use dual 3 row 96 pin connectors.

1 circuit board, size of A3 sheet of paper, datamedia corp, no ports, no identifying marks

2 boxes of assorted NuBus, MCA, EISA, ISA, PCI-X cards, PCI, AGP. Mostly network (nothing jigabit!), some serial, graphics, sound, a heap of sun boards, and others. Too many to individually list.

Assorted KVM cables (old school, with DIN and serial graphics). They do have vga cables in them, but I found a heap in the cleanup, so we don't need these anymore

1 Truetime GPS time and frequency receiver

1 NS16000 dev kit (wire wrap, built, no psu I think)

1 KVM (serial, DIN, VGA)

1 metric butt-tonne of 30 pin SIMM's and SIPP's

2 metric butt-tonnes of 72 pin SIMM's

1 metric shitload of SDRAM (no ECC)

1 387 maths coprocessor to suit a 80386-DX computer (new in box) ?

Some other stuff not worth mentioning, mostly obsolete software