The inaugural UCC-UniSFA quiz night was held on 25/08/2006.

This page is to keep track of feedback from organisers (and maybe attendees, if they're paying attention).


Overall, went extremely well.


  • Several people commented that having a formal committee to manage the event would work better than the somewhat ad-hoc method we used. From a UCC point of view, we had a couple of people who were responsible for all things Quiz Night, but I got the impression that UniSFA treated it as more of a general committee thing. I may be wrong.
  • Whether there is a committee or not, there needs to be a Chief Headkicker/Organiser/whatever. Ideally a member of both UCC and UniSFA.
  • Communication is often a problem in Cameron Hall and the Quiz Night was no exception. e.g. until about an hour before the event I thought [PXY] and ChrisG were MC-ing. Needs more work; in my experience EVERYTHING needs to be documented. Might work better with a committee where there is someone taking minutes.
  • Sponsorship. 'nuff said.


  • Do the Cameron Hall round closer to the end. Those who weren't UniSFA/UCCans felt a bit disenfranchised by this at the beginning of the night.
  • Some people were talking about hyping the competition (UCC v UniSFA) part up a bit; I think it worked well as it was.

I had a great night, and I think we should make $some, so that will be nice.

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