Author's Note: The following article was written, as of this edit, over 10 years ago. The author no longer holds these views, but wishes this information to remain publicly available for the purposes of potential academic debate, and will not self-censor this information.

Why I Hate the World: Part 1

I write this on a basis that I believe that there is a serious problem with the world as it is today. The social system as it stands is blatantly flawed. How is this, you ask? Well, society at the moment protects the weak at the expense of the strong. People who are weak of mind and weak of spirit are allowed to thrive in our society at the expense of those who are willing and able to make their own way. I shall outline the specifics of this problem and several ways in which it could and should be counter-acted.

But before that, I shall start with an example of this problem. Take Australia. For 50,000 years before Europeans first arrived, the entire continent was inhabited by the Aboriginal people. During this period of time, they made no significant technological, scientific or social progress. They remained the same for all that time. Come the Europeans and in 200 years, a tiny fraction of the time that the Aboriginals inhabited the land, the country was transformed into one of the best places to live in the world. The changes that were made were unlike anything that the Aboriginals themselves were capable of. This is because the Europeans were a superior race, and the Aboriginals inferior. They did not make the progress that was made in Europe because they did not possess the basic mental capacity required to do so. They were inept. Look at them now, they do not fit into our society and are incapable of being educated or holding well paying jobs, all because they are a mentally inferior race. They have become the scum of our society.

One may argue that the Europeans stole Australia from them. I disagree. The Europeans saw an opportunity and took it. The Aboriginals lacked the will and the strength to defend what they believed was theirs. As it goes, today may be everyone’s day, but tomorrow belongs to those who are strong. As a result, Australia fell into European hands. They had the will and strength to take it, and to this day have had the will, strength and courage to defend it. Australia rightfully belongs to those of European decent. The Aboriginal people lost it due to their own incompetence, and now have no claim to it.

Now the government protects this weak race of people, they are given welfare and assistance, yet do not give society anything in return. They are leaches of the hard working people of European decent. They should be shunned by our society, pushed aside and not allowed to be a member until they become strong enough to make their own way. However, they were unable to do this 200 years ago; they remain unable to do this today.

What is the point of this, you ask? Well, I say that a man only deserves what he earns. If you are able to do something, then the spoils are yours and yours alone. You cannot claim something to be yours if you are unwilling and unable to work for it. If you hold this attitude then you are scum. Anyway, onto the specifics of the problem.

I shall start with society’s general attitude that the weak are to be protected at the expense of the strong. This is a flawed view. A weak minded person should be given the same rights and opportunities as a person who is strong of heart. They should be treated like the rest of us. If they are unable to make their way with what they have, then they are unfit to live and should be removed from the gene pool. In saying this I am referring to welfare systems, such as giving money to people who do not work, simply because they are incapable. If someone is capable of work, then should they not receive the same payments, as well as that with they receive as a result of their work? Yes, but they are not. Our society rewards these people for being weak, and weakness is like a plague, it breeds. This should be eliminated once and for all. If someone cannot make their own way, then their fate is their own. The world belongs to those who are strong, not those who are weak.

Another one of society’s problems is pity. People who are weak are pitied, and therefore and given assistance where none is deserved. Pity itself is for the weak, so by displaying pity, you are placing yourself amongst those who you pity. If one is strong of heart, then they will not feel pity or remorse for those who lack what they have. Rather, they will see these people for what they are, and understand that their suffering is their own doing. Some may claim that these people suffer through means that are not their own. If you suffer then do you not rise up against the cause and put an end to it? Yes! You do! If you refuse or are unable to resist the suffering, and deal with the source of it, then you deserve the suffering. To put this into context. If you are poor, and live in a shit house and have a shit life, but refuse to get a job, then your suffering is justified. However, if you suffer but choose to rise up against it, then you will bring yourself out of suffering, and into a better life. If you are incapable of putting an end to the suffering, then you are truly weak and deserve to die.

One of the other major problems that modern society has is that people are valued equally. Tell me this, what is valued more, a car that runs well, goes fast and looks nice, or a shitheap of a car that can barely get from A to B. The answer is obvious, and yet, they are both cars. The same should apply to people. Although many choose to argue otherwise, the truth if the matter is that some people are simply better than others, their lives are worth more. To put this into perspective, who contributes more, a doctor working to save people’s lives (those who deserve it) or some Ethiopian scum who leaches of UN aid packages. Of course the doctor does more, and therefore he/she is worth more, they have more of a right to live. It is that simple.

And now to the biggest problem off all. RELIGION. Religion has been the cause of more wars than any one man or country. It has separated nations, communities and families. It is the force in the world that keeps us in the dark ages and prevents true advancement. Some religions are justified and worth adhering to, those which promote self gratification and the bettering of ones self. However, the major world religions, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, promote conformity and losing of ones identity. People who follow these are sheep, weak people without the vision to see more. Conformity is for sheep, religion for the weak of mind. Furthermore, these religions require that you worship a higher power. If we teach ourselves that we are the highest power, then nothing can restrict our ambitions and potentials. Religion puts people down, and that makes them weak.

How can these problems be fixed? Simple. Laws must be emplaced that prohibit the following: 1. Stupidity 2. Undeserved Riches 3. Turning the other cheek If measures are taken to make stupidity a crime, then the stupid would be weeded out of our society very quickly, leaving only the wise. Those who leach off others would be gone and those who remain able to share out the portion of wealth that their demise has left behind. And finally revenge, if people were able to take the law into their own hands, I can say for sure that very quickly those who get in others faces and piss people off would be gone. Those who are left would be decent, intelligent and hard working people. The exact type of people we want in our society.

At the moment, you may say that this is sheer lunacy. I digress; a day shall come when we realize that the world is not big enough for everyone, that some people will have to go. It is then that we realize that human life does have a value, it is not priceless, but has a finite value that can be placed on different people. Of course, those who are strong will get rid of those who are weak, and our society will truly prosper.

My brothers, fight strong, die well, for tonight we feast in Valhalla!


I added that last quote (Manowar) because I believe the vikings had the right idea. Theirs was a culture where the strong prevailed. Just a lose example, I am under no illusions that a viking style society would suit us in this day and age.

Anyways, thats the first part done. I'll post more in the future. If you've managed to read all this, well done, I congratulate you. Otherwise, you missed out. Just my veiws. Flame me if you wish, just remember, I am bigger, faster and stronger than you, and the strong will prevail.