A follow on from SignalsAndSystems2ENGT2305. The unit is split into two equal parts: Analog and Digital Filter Design (ADFD) and Feedback Systems Control (FSC).

The first relates to the design of filters, including both analog and digital filters on paper and in Matlab. In the past there has been one (easy) lab, an open-book test, and a moderately challenging assignment for this part of the course. Most of ADFD is not hard per se, but you have to have very good algebra skills.

The second part relates to controlling systems which use a feedback loop to compensate for errors. Lots of formulas to remember, none of which are provided in the exam. In the past there have been 2 labs and a test for this part of the unit.

The exam is split 50-50. There will be quite a few (7) pages of attachments for the ADFD component, and nothing for the FSC part

ADFD taken by RobertoTonegri, FSC taken by ???

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