Skills Database

This database is designed to connect people who want to learn more about certain skills with those members from the club who have those skills available and are willing to teach.

Read the profiles of members below and if you see something that you are interested in doing/learning about, then send them an email and set up a meeting in the club room.

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mallow [MLG]

Knows basic navigation around UCC, Can set up a wiki page

Example: This page

<mallow AT ucc DOT asn DOT au>

Bob [BOB]

General linux use and service setup, PLC programming and ladder logic, Industrial machine design,Microcontroller hardware and basic programming, Proxmox virtual machines and clustering


<bob AT ucc DOT asn DOT au>

John [TPG]

C, C++, Systems Development, Sysadmin

ARM2, Dispense, Acess2 Kernel

<tpg AT ucc DOT asn DOT au>

Coxy [RME]

C#, SQL Server

<james AT cox DOT cx>

zanchey@ [DAA]

Systems admin, networking, Python, fish

fish shell, UCC wireless, UCC VPNs, MIFARE smart card reader

<zanchey AT ucc DOT gu DOT uwa DOT edu DOT au>

Mark [MTL]

Fibre, cabling, and physical infrastructure. Python, Sysadmin, Web Hosting


<mtearle AT ucc DOT asn DOT au>