Software Engineering Project Leadership is a final year unit of the UWA Software Engineering course.

This unit builds on SoftwareQualityAndMeasurementCITS4220 by discussing leadership skills as applied to software projects. Concepts discussed include:

  • Leadership techniques: how software development and and leadership skills overlap but there remains a large portion of knowledge outside of the overlap that's important.
  • Team dynamics: special considerations for software teams, how they function and their motivational needs.
  • An introduction to psychology related to software engineering.
  • Project management techniques.

The content of the unit is interesting, however most final year software engineers will be completing their dissertations at the same time as taking this unit and will be short on time. The assessments are fairly heavy (eg. the two essays were about 10 typed pages each) and are somewhat time consuming, but this is fairly balanced by the exam having a low weight and open questions.

The unit structure is likely to change significantly in 2008.

The assessment for the unit consisted of:

  • An essay on attributes of an outstanding leader.
  • An essay on attributes of an outstanding team.
  • Several peer assessed tutorials.
  • An exam.

Taken by TerryWoodings.

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