A survey of UCC members.


Discover from our members:

  • what they thought of UCC
  • what they got out of their membership
  • whether they'd rejoin
  • what they'd like to see improved or changed.


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Student status (first year, second year, third year undergrad, postgrad, UWA staff, other)
  • Faculty enrolled in (if student)
  • Number of years as a UCC member (1, 2, 3, 4, 5+)
  • Member of door, wheel, coke or committee

Your UCC

How often have you used the following UCC facilities and services? (frequently, occasionally, never, didn't know about it)

  • Clubroom computers
  • Tools
  • Coke / snack machines
  • Machine room servers
  • UCC email
  • UCC webspace
  • IRC network
  • Planet UCC



I use the clubroom (frequently, occasionally, never, didn't know it was available)

  • during the day
  • evenings
  • weekends

I use the clubroom for (pick one or more)

  • playing games
  • Internet access
  • programming
  • working on assignments
  • socialising
  • electronics
  • waiting for UniSFA to open

Do you mostly use

  • your own laptop, or
  • the clubroom computers?

Is there anything you would like to use the clubroom for that you currently don't? (free text)

Is there anything that stops you using the clubroom? (free text) is this too leading?

Machine Room

I use the machine room computers (frequently, occasionally, never, didn't know they were available):

  • from the clubroom
  • from elsewhere at Uni
  • from home
  • from work

question on what they get used for? not sure how to word it


My UCC email is:

  • my primary email account
  • a secondary email account
  • rarely used
  • I have a UCC email address?

I read my UCC email (frequently, occasionally, never, didn't know it was available):

  • from webmail
  • using a shell client (e.g. alpine, mutt)
  • by forwarding it somewhere else
  • using IMAP or POP3

Planet UCC

  • I read Planet UCC (frequently, occasionally, never, didn't know it was available)
  • I have a blog or LiveJournal

  • I am syndicated on Planet UCC
  • I would like to be! (send an email to planet@ucc)

The Future

  • I will rejoin the UCC next year (yes / no / maybe)

These things affect my decision

  • price
  • services to members
  • events
  • more?

  • Why / why not free text.