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UCC machine history

Titan was donated to UCC in 2019 by [MSH]. It was given to the club complete with 5v power supply, fancy heatsink/case with fans, and SD card.

Hi all,

I've left a raspberry pi 4 with 5v supply/heatsink-case/sd card for UCC in the 
machineroom. It would make sense as a non-x86 user shell machine, not sure what 
distro, and could mount either /home or /away. Maybe it would even work as a 
Linux desktop? Whoever wants to set it up gets to decide those details!


[MPT] decided to set it up using the stock Raspbian Lite image. He configured a user server in the machine room network, mounting /home. [NTU] also helped out with the setup.

Current machine tasks

Alternate, ARM-based user server. Runs Dispense and mounts /home, /away and /services. Currently awaiting users to serve.

Current software configuration

Debian 12 Bookworm (Raspbian Lite flavour), configured as per the StandardOperatingEnvironment.

Current hardware configuration

4GiB Raspberry Pi 4, with 1.5GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 CPU.

Future plans for the machine

  • Install stuff people want
  • Better mounting hardware for the rack
  • Some friends?

Thanks to:

[MSH] for the donation.
[MPT] and [NTU] for doing the initial setup work.
Wheel members past and present for contributing to UCC's documentation and making software setup a breeze.