The webcam images are archived to /space/webcam/archive every minute by a cronjob on martello. There is a script in mussel:/space/users/trs80/create-movie that will create movies from these archives.

What I would like is to archive the images and movies away to a series of DVDs. There was a start of this at but it was extremely simple.

Features wanted:

  • Standard naviagation like the current online archive
    • this could be done with a modification of the existing Javascript I expect ;)

  • Daily movies linked in somehow on most pages
  • Thumbnail views of an entire hour (or more) at once
    • is it worth resizing the images or just let the browser do (ugly) scaling?


As of April 2021, all webcam archives pre 2020 have been compressed into per camera-month .zip archives (with minimal compression). This was to reduce the inode load on the storage server, and make backups more efficient.

Video compression didn't work out well, as the already compressed images didn't compress well without losing even more detail.

GStreamer Method