Cabellera the bitch. Also it is a fish. Specifically "Lamprogrammus Exuctus". 




Bought new from Netplus for ~$700 in February 2012.


Price      Type            Model
79         Case            CoolerMaster Elite 342 RC342 420W PS
110        Motherboard     Asus F1A75-M-LE FM1 USB3 Hudson D3 RAID GLAN DVI MB
149        CPU             MD A8-3870K Quad Core Fusion FM1 CPU 3.0Ghz 4Mb
                            Llano 3870 AD3870WNGXBOX Boxed HS & Fan
169        Hard drive      120Gb Strontium Python Series Sandforce SSD
                            SATA3 550/510 2.5" Solid State HDD
69         Memory         8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz G.Skill 2X4Gb
                           Kit Ripjaws-X 12800 Heatsink F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL
29         DVDRW Drive    LG GH24-NS70 24X SATA Black
                           DVDRW, Dual Layer Kit; DVDRAM


Originally running Debian 6.0.0 "Squeeze". [BOB] tried to upgrade it to Debian 6.0.4, which subsequently failed to detect the SSD hard disk. [*OX] and [SLX] installed PC-BSD in late 2012. [SZM] broke X by trying to install pygame. He fixed it by replacing PC-BSD with Scientific Linux.

Cabellera The Bitch

[SZM] has taken to calling Cabellera this, due to it's terrible graphics issues, inability to detect hard disks, and general evilness. Debian was reinstalled from scratch around 5 times before it finally started working. And then it broke again, so someone installed PC-BSD. And then that got broken...

It is Clownfish's Evil Twin.

Future Plans

Someone will probably throw it out a window one day.

How to install packages

Thanks to

[SZM], [CJS], [SLX], [TPG], [BOB], [MRD] for (trying) to set up the machine, and occasionally succeeding, but mostly just making matters worse.

[CJS] and [SZM] for picking it up.

[BOB] for allowing someone to stab the keyboard with a knife. This caused [EDO] to have to buy a new keyboard, which everyone says is better.

[*OX] and [SLX] for installing PC-BSD. [SZM] for replacing PC-BSD with Scientific Linux.