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Cabellera the bitch. Also it is a fish. Specifically "Lamprogrammus Exuctus". [[|Fish Base]]



Bought new from Netplus for ~$700 in February 2012.


Price Type Model

79 Case CoolerMaster Elite 342 RC342 420W PS 110 Motherboard Asus F1A75-M-LE FM1 USB3 Hudson D3 RAID GLAN DVI MB 149 CPU MD A8-3870K Quad Core Fusion FM1 CPU 3.0Ghz 4Mb

  • Llano 3870 AD3870WNGXBOX Boxed HS & Fan

169 Hard drive 120Gb Strontium Python Series Sandforce SSD

  • SATA3 550/510 2.5" Solid State HDD

69 Memory 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz G.Skill 2X4Gb

  • Kit Ripjaws-X 12800 Heatsink F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL

29 DVDRW Drive LG GH24-NS70 24X SATA Black

  • DVDRW, Dual Layer Kit; DVDRAM


Currently running Debian 6.0.0 "Squeeze". [BOB] tried to upgrade it to Debian 6.0.4, which subsequently failed to detect the SSD hard disk. So we are just never going to update it from now on.

Cabellera The Bitch

[SZM] has taken to calling Cabellera this, due to it's terrible graphics issues, inability to detect hard disks, and general evilness. The OS was reinstalled from scratch around 5 times before it finally started working.

It is Clownfish's Evil Twin.

Future Plans

Someone will probably try to update Debian, at which point it will break everything. Or someone will install another OS, which will probably also break everything.

Thanks to

[SZM], [CJS], [SLX], [TPG], [BOB], [MRD] for (trying) to set up the machine, and occasionally succeeding, but mostly just making matters worse. [CJS] and [SZM] for picking it up [BOB] for allowing someone to stab the keyboard with a knife. This caused [EDO] to have to buy a new keyboard, which everyone says is better.