Appendix A: Door Group Handbook

Door members are the face the club and when in the clubroom are acting on behalf of the club. This handbook is intended to be a reference to aid Door members in their duties.

All Door members are expected to read their UCC email regularly. This is your official point of contact with the committee.

UWA Security Contact Details

Emergency: 6488 2222

Non-emergency: 6488 3020

Opening the Clubroom

Door members are afforded the ability to open the room This is implemented through the UCC Dispense system's integration of the electronic door lock A door member can unlock the door by 'dispensing door'. This can be done by:

  • Logging into the snack machine keypad interface and entering the item code 55
  • Logging into any UCC machine with 'dispense' installed and running the command dispense door

  • Logging into the dispense web interface and clicking the door button

In the event that the electronic locking system is malfunctioning, mechanical keys are held by:

  • The President of the club
  • The Vice Presidents of the club
  • The Guild Student Centre
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Holding the Room

Door members should endeavour to maintain the clubroom and its contents in an appropriate and usable state Door members should ensure people do not litter in the clubroom Rubbish bins are provided by the club to assist in keeping the clubroom tidy

  • Large items such as cardboard boxes (including pizza boxes) are not to be put in the bins or left outside the clubroom, and should be taken down to the skip directly
  • If the bins get too full, it is the responsibility of door members to ensure they are emptied

Clubroom operating hours are 7am to 9pm weekdays

  • If the clubroom is open after these hours Door members must inform UWA Security
  • If the clubroom is open after 11pm the doors to Cameron Hall must be closed and locked

Any required clubroom maintenance that door members are unable to perform should be reported to the committee

Signing up Members

Door members should be welcoming and helpful to all current and prospective members Door members are able to sign up new and returning members


As a door member it is your job to maintain the clubroom as a clean and welcoming place for members and non members alike. It is well within your rights as a door member to notify, warn and then door people for anything that may compromise this, including but not limited to things like :

  • Getting overly loud/angry at video games
  • Bad personal hygiene/smelling bad (if someone picks their nose when using a machine, tell them off)
  • Putting feet on desks
  • Shoes on the couches
  • Leaving litter at their computer

In most cases, offenders should be given a warning before being doored The following is a non-exhaustive list of appropriate reasons for dooring:

  • Violent, offensive, or disruptive behaviour
  • Danger or damage to members or club or member property
  • Habitual littering

In the event that an offender refuses to abide by the dooring, UWA Security can be called

Dispense and Other Services

Door members should enable members to add credit to their dispense account

  • The member's money should be placed in a numbered bag and deposited in the safe
  • The member's dispense account should then be credited to the equivalent value
  • Credit can be added using the command dispense acct user +amount "reason" on any UCC machine with dispense installed

Door members should aim to ensure the items listed in dispense match those available in the vending machines

  • Items can be renamed using the command dispense slot type:N price name

Door members should refund members who have received the wrong item or no item at all but has still been debited

  • If the member has received the wrong item, they should return the item to the club
  • It is good practice to check the dispense logs to ensure the member has been debited
  • A dispense can be refunded using the command dispense refund user type:N on any UCC machine with dispense installed

A dispense slot can be disabled by renaming the slot to 'dead' The dispense logs can be found in /home/other/coke/cokelog

  • To see the full year's log, use the command less ~coke/cokelog

  • To see only the most recent entries, use the command tail ~coke/cokelog

  • To search the log for "mytext", use the command grep mytext ~coke/cokelog

    • The output of this search can then be piped to less or tail grep "mytext" ~coke/cokelog | less

Full documentation on the dispense command is available either by running the command man dispense or dispense -h on any UCC machine with dispense installed Door members may also be required by committee to provide other goods and services to members (such as event tickets)

Closing the Clubroom

Any litter in the clubroom should be removed and binned All members and their property should be removed from the clubroom The lights and fan should be off The soldering iron should be off When closing the clubroom, the following things must be secured:

  • The tool cupboard must be locked
  • The machine room must be locked
  • The windows must be closed
  • The clubroom door must be shut and locked

If Cameron Hall is empty the main door, the door at the top of the stairs, and the fire escape should be closed and locked


In the event of an emergency, the University-approved evacuation procedure should be followed (TODO: find Uni procedure) If everyone has left the room and it is safe to do so, the clubroom door should be closed