Instructions For Sorting Out New Members

In the clubroom

If they have a current membership sticker, then they have already paid and filled in a form; skip to step 4.

  1. Get a blank membership form from the drawers on the shelf next to the door and make sure it is filled in legibly.
  2. Check ID & membership sticker as appropriate and determine the correct membership price.

    • If they need change, suggest adding it to their dispense account, or try to find someone with keys to the safe.
    • Grab a numbered ziplock bag from next to the safe and put the money into the bag (not into the safe yet).
  3. Make sure the new member has received a sticker.
  4. Create the UCC login:
    1. Connect to or by SSH using your (door member) UCC username (using putty or ssh). b. Run: sudo ucc-adduser, and walk them through the prompts. (This can be run by any member of Committee, Wheel or Door.)

      • Remind them that the pin they set for the vending machine is readable by wheel, and so should not be the same as their bank pin.
      • New users are automatically subscribed to ucc-announce@. They are able to unsubscribe at any time.
      • Take note of their username and user id, get them to write it down or take a photo. You can find this out later by running id [username] on any Linux console.

      c. Log in as yourself, add the balance to the user's account and dispense the appropriate membership as the new user with dispense -u [username]. d. They are now set up and are ready to use UCC's services.

    • Take them outside to the vending machines, show them how to log in with their user id and pin. Show them how to enrol a card so that they can use it to log in. Show them how to dispense drinks and snacks.
    • Encourage them to subscribe to the mailing lists, the UCC Discord, the Facebook Group and follow the Facebook page.

    • Open up the machine room and show off some of the cool stuff that UCC owns.

On O-Day

  1. Make sure a membership form is filled in.
  2. Take cash or card as appropriate and mark on the form.
  3. Give them a sticker and a fresher guide and encourage them to come to the clubroom to complete the signup.

Renewing Memberships

  1. Make sure they have filled out a current membership form and paid the appropriate fee.

    • The username of their existing account should be filled in on the membership form.
  2. Verify the account details match with the user who is renewing by using finger [username].

  3. Follow steps 2-3 above.
  4. Add the balance to the existing account with dispense and dispense the appropriate membership on their behalf.

    • If their account is locked or the password needs to be reset, find the nearest wheel member and get them to help.
    • Otherwise they should now be fine to continue using UCC's services.


The following steps apply for both new and existing members:

  • Copy the details from the completed membership forms into MemberDB.

    • If you can't access MemberDB, poke someone who can (other door members, committee) and ask them to make you staff.
    • Once their details are in MemberDB, sign off the bottom of the form and place it into the membership folder in the filing cabinet for this year. All entries in that file are kept in alphabetical order.
  • If they are paying cash to you, add the money to their account and dispense a membership from their account with dispense acct -u [username]. Obviously for new members create their account first and then do this. This allows the treasurer to see the membership revenue fully on dispense rather than guessing from the money in the safe.