UCC has a networked coke machine, current contents.

Requests for the the next FAL run:

  • Ginger Beer
  • Pods
  • Red Creaming Soda
  • Natural confectionary brand instead of Starburst lollies
  • KitKats of some description

Is the coke machine not working? See FixCoke.

How to do a Coke/Cash & Carry run

The contents of the vending machines are largely determined by whoever does the run, so if you want something else, go out and buy it. Check with a cokegroup member or the logs first so you don't buy something that doesn't sell well (eg Diet Coke ™). The drinks machine holds 23 cans per slot, with six assorted slots of drinks and four slots for Coke™. If you don't have a car, help by scheduling a run with someone who does!

If you haven't done a UCC shopping run before, the short version is to look at supermarket catalogues if you're after cheap drinks (55c/can or cheaper is a good deal for most drinks, but hard to find for Coke™), buy a bunch, bring it to UCC and get reimbursed when you hand over the receipt. If you need the money first you'll need to get two members of exec to sign some out, but it's often convenient to do the run and be reimbursed, which does not have to wait until the next Committee meeting.

You also have the option of buying from Cash & Carry (formerly FAL) - great for snacks, can be cheaper for some drinks, but generally not for coke varieties - the account "University Computer Club" number 3608 3269 and you have to pay with cash (EFTPOS might be acceptable, credit cards aren't). Also have a read of falrunirclog.

When buying crisps and other items with short expiry dates, search for the boxes that expire the latest.

Things that sell well

  • Coke (if you can get it for under 55c a can, buy as much as you can)
  • Pods (the Mars flavour)
  • Nerds - but don't buy too many because people get sick of them quickly
  • Sour geckos
  • m&m's

  • Starburst varieties

Do not buy

  • Bubblegum and gum
  • Chocolate in summer, though coated things like smarties and m&m's are usually okay

  • Things that won't fit in the machine