This unit comes in two parts - a drawing part taken by RuzaOstrogonac, a cad part taken by ChrisRowles and a designing-and-building-stuff part taken by NathanScott. As with most (all?) NathanScott units, there is no exam, but this simply means that you will have an insane workload for the entire semester. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU DO THIS UNIT AT THE SAME TIME AS ManufacturingMECH2402, it's also a NathanScott unit, and also has an insane workload.

Assignments: There are something like 40 individual assessment items in this unit. Talk about over-assessment. They include solidworks tutorials and assignments, drawing tutorials, warman competition trails, warman visual diary, lecture visual diary, dreamcatcher project, art in engineering project.

Organisation: Because this unit seemingly has 3 people in control of it, assignments will be coming at you from all sides. You will also find that you will get two marks for the same piece of work (warman visual diary) but with conflicting criteria depending on who's marking it. In 2010, you got marked down by Nathan for not having a photo of the warman finished product, and got marked down by Ruza for putting it in. Furthermore, for many of the assessment items you are expected to be a mind reader. Watch out for the lecture visual diary - the lectopia recordings for this unit have a nasty habit of not working. The other assessments require a lot of CONSISTENT work. There are a lot of group assignments, all done as the same group for the entire semester, so pick your group members carefully. The warman competition will cost you several hundred dollars in materials.

Overall, you will love this unit...for about a week, then you will hate it.

Taken by NathanScott