UCC runs a number of events each year for our members and other interested parties. We are also run joint events with other clubs, particularly Unigames and UniSFA. For regular event announcements you can check the clubroom noticeboard and Facebook.


Upcoming Events

  • 43rd Anniversary Dinner
  • Cameron Hall Charity Vigil
  • Cameron Hall Quiz Night
  • Fresher LAN
  • Camp

Regular Events

The following is a list of some of our regular events. For more information email [email protected].

  • LANs
  • Tech Talks
  • Introduction to Programming

Past Events

  • O'Day
  • Fresher Welcome

Upcoming Events

Fresher LAN

  • When: Friday 21st April, 4 PM - overnight
    Where: Cameron Hall Loft, above UCC
    Price: Free to members, $5 to non-members
    UCC's first LAN of the year. Come along and join in a wide variety of games.

Cameron Hall Quiz Night

  • When: TBA
    Where: UWA Tavern, below UCC
    Price: TBA
    One of the highlight UCC, Unigames and UniSFA joint events of the year. Get a table together and come compete in our annual quiz night. Each club even gets a themed round.


  • When: TBA
    Where: Camp Leschenaultia
    Price: TBA
    Every year UCC books out a venue and takes off out of the city for three nights of games and other fun club events.

43rd Anniversary Dinner

  • When: TBA September
    Where: TBA
    Price: TBA
    Every year UCC holds a dinner to celebrate the anniversary of our establishment.

Cameron Hall Charity Vigil

  • When: TBA middle of second semester
    Where: Cameron Hall
    Price: TBA
    Every year the Cameron Hall clubs run a joint event with a variety of activities. All proceeds go to charity.

Regular Events


  • When: Friday or Saturday nights TBA
    Where: Cameron Hall Loft, above UCC
    Price: Free to members
    UCC runs regular LANs purely for the sake of getting together and having fun playing games all night. For more information email [email protected].

Tech Talks

  • When: TBA
    Where: UCC clubroom
    Price: Free
    UCC runs regular Tech Talks for our members. These talks typically focus on more technical fields, but not always. For more information email [email protected].

Introduction to Programming

  • When: Fridays, 4-5 PM, Starting March 17th
    Where: UCC clubroom
    Price: Absolutely free
    Absolutely no prior experience is required, if you are even slightly interested feel free to rock up and join in. The course will be teaching C++.

Past Events