Bernard says:

21:25 < bernard> Zanchey: typically it involves running on mermaid as root

  • pkill -9 dispense ; rmmod 8250 ; modprobe 8250 ; dispense standalone coke

DavidAdam says: Yeah, but occasionally this doesn't fix it - we end up with trash in the coke contents (control characters on morwong, off-by-one dispense protocol dumps on mussel...

To fix that:

/etc/init.d/vendserver stop
/etc/init.d/coke-server stop
rmmod 8250_pnp 
rmmod 8250_pci
rmmod 8250
modprobe 8250
modprobe 8250_pci
modprobe 8250_pnp
/etc/init.d/vendserver start

Fire up minicom on mermaid with the default config (9600bps, 8N1 on /dev/ttyS0) and try to talk to the coke machine. You should be greeted with the prompt ":" when you press enter. Enter "d7" (doesn't actually dispense anything). Enter "s" for good measure (it'll throw at you current slot names, which may be garbage, but don't worry, they'll be reset when dispense runs). Quit minicom with no reset (^B-Q) - do not eXit (with ^B-X). Then:

/etc/init.d/coke-server start

If you add more than six non-drink items to coke.conf dispense will stop working properly, including not dispensing drinks and showing everyone's balance as 0.

RufusGartonSmith says:

Run the following on mermaid to do all of the above: