So at the behest of quite a few members complaining that UCC isn't a friendly place for non-techies, this year we are going to be trying to create a much more helpful atmosphere for incoming freshers (and current members as well). The first major step on this is the Fresher Guide. In years past the guide has been rather 'Wall of Text-y' and had a tendency to contain a lot of information that wouldn't help most freshers.

What you can do


  • Look up a copy of the Fresher Guide on UCCs website and if there is something that doesn't seem helpful or could be better in your mind, then rewrite the section. I don;t care if we end up having 6 rewrites of the same part, I want to see what language the club thinks we should be using!


  • Calling all Grammar Nazis... We don't wanna look like uneducated peons (such as myself) so we need people to go through with a fine tooth comb and tell us all the nitty gritty things that are wrong with our sentence structure and EVERYTHING.


  • Think there is a way of showing information that we haven't thought of? MENTION IT. This guide should be reasonably simple and easy to get information out of so if theres an idea you have, we'd love to hear it.


Section 1: Welcome

  • Presidents Welcome (Needs work)
  • About The UCC (The selling points) (written)

Section 2: Finding Us

  • Finding UCC (written)
  • Map/Photos (TBC)

Section 3: Your account and Dispense

  • Setting Up Your Account
  • Dispense 101

Section 4: Events, Projects and other cool stuff

  • LOOK AT ALL THE REASON YOU SHOULD BECOME A MEMBER!! (try to have this as the centrefold)

Section 5: Communication via Keyboard

  • Communication (Mailing Lists, Redirecting UCC Email, IRC, Facebook, Website, etc)

Section 6: More about UCC

  • For the hardcore readers


  • GETTING HELP (This is here for ease of access)

Rewritten Fresher Guide


President's Welcome

Needs work still

Well, this is the president's welcome. Welcome freshers! (("That good? No? I have to say more!?)) Anyway, welcome to the UCC, hopefully you'll find it a lovely place to relax between classes and get some work done (or just veg out playing games).

The UCC has a place for every part of computing, from gamers to developers to sysadmins, there's something fun to work on. We try to run a LAN a couple of times a semester, there's the camp during midyear break, tutorial sessions on how to use Linux and the UCCTalks will hopefully run again to show curious people the fun parts of computer science that is not taught at UWA.

I've tried to keep the above brief, because I was a fresher once too and knew how intimidating a wall of text can be. Have fun at the UCC, and enjoy live at University.

John Hodge [TPG] UCC President 2012

About the UCC

The UCC is a social and technical club going into it's 39th year of existence. We've had quite a colourful history and our members have ended up in positions and jobs within some of the most well known tech companies in the world.

Over the years, we have compiled quite a wide variety of hardware and software for its members to tinker around with, we've even got an internet connected snack and coke machine (along with custom software written by members to run said machines). Chances are you'll be able to cut your teeth on technology you will either have never heard of or that you never would have dreamed of getting your hands on!

Our members are a fountain of useful information and are almost always willing to help you out with any questions you may have (we can't stress this enough) about almost any topic you can dream up. We also have pretty regular social events in the way of LANs and Camps, but just as much comes from last minute drinks/clubroom socialisation.

If nothing else though, UCC provides it's members a free internet connection around the clubroom (yes, this includes down at The Tav) and an opportunity to waste away your time between lectures. So come find our clubroom and say hi, we don't bite!


Finding UCC

Depending on where you are coming from, there are a couple of ways to find Cameron Hall and the UCC Clubroom. Your best bet is to first find the Guild Village (it's near the Co-Op Bookshop and Oak Lawn).

From there you are going to want to walk down past the toilets and take a left turn down a little alleyway. AT this point you will hit a small car park, walk straight across it and you will see a door leading into a stairwell. Walk up this stairwell to the top and then continue down the hall you reach. There will be a set of double doors on the left past a set of stairs. Walk through those doors and UCC is the first door you'll see.

Photos and Map to be completed by Jeremy

[SAS] has a map of Cameron Hall v2 here, if it helps. The arrow to the tav in the map suggests that you have to go up the stairs in the tav to get to UCC. Also, we need a map of how to get to Cameron Hall, not just a map of Cameron Hall -- BobAdamson


Setting up your account

Your UCC account is one of the most important things you can have as a member. It lets you log into any of our clubroom machines, as well as granting you access to our user servers, wireless network and online drink and snack machines.

You'll need to come into the clubroom to set up your account. Once your here, ask around for a Wheel or Committee member and have your membership sticker (we normally put it on your student card on O-Day) ready to set up your account. You'll need a user name and a password to memorise, but it's a pretty simple procedure once you've found the right person!

Now that you have an account, you can use it to log into any of our clubroom machines. If you want to log onto one of our servers, you'll need to use the ssh program (described later in this very guide). If you're having trouble, just ask someone in the clubroom --- we don't bite!

Accessing the UCC wireless network can be a bit tricky (particularly on Windows machines). Ask someone if you need help, or refer to http://wiki.ucc.asn.au/Wifi.

Dispense 101

At the same time as you set up your account, you will also have your dispense account set up. Dispense is the program that allows users to store credit and purchase items from the coke/snack machines.

This will involve a 5 digit User ID and a 4 digit PIN. This allows you to physically log into the snack machine and dispense both drinks and snacks. Once you have this set up, you can use the snack machine to dispense any of the delectable goodies you can see in either of the machines.

You can also use your Student Card/SmartRider as a log in device on the snack machine. To do so, log in to the Snack Machine and hold whichever card you want to use up to the card scanner (it's the thing with the blinking green light) and the card should auto-enroll. To log in using the card, simply hold the enrolled card up top the card scanner.

You can also access Dispense online via shell login. Dispense isn't installed on clubroom machines so you will have to use SSH to access one of UCC's servers. You can get someone to show you how to do this, or alternatively, go to http://wiki.ucc.asn.au/ssh

To add more credit to your account, find a friendly Coke member in the clubroom by yelling "Is anyone here on Coke?", and have your money ready. Coke members are listed at http://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/groups/coke.ucc


Events in 2013

UCC runs a number of events throughout the year, significantly more than many of the other clubs on campus. Not all of our events are computer-ish in nature. However, a significant portion of them are (we are a computer club, after all). Events include LAN gaming nights, Tech Talks and of course the Fresher’s Welcome.

(Organisation/dates subject to change)

UCC Fresher's Welcome

Date: Friday 1st March

Time: 6pm

Location: UCC Clubroom

The Fresher's Welcome exists to welcome you, as a new member, into the club. There will be a "Learn to Linux" presentation to help introduce you to Linux which is installed on most clubroom machines with experienced members around to help you out. This is a great event to get to know some people and put faces to names. First time members get FREE pizza.

UCC Fresher LAN

Date: Saturday 9th March – Sunday 10th March

Time: 4:00pm – 10:00am

Location: Cameron Hall Loft (above the UCC Clubroom)

After making friends at the Fresher Welcome, come back next week for the first LAN of semester. LANs are your best chance to play against other UCCans at the games of your choice, but there is usually a game of WolfET, TF2 or Age of Empires II. The Minecraft server will be up as well for those so inclined. Please bring a non-surge-protected powerboard for your computer. LANs are FREE for members, but friends are most welcome (at an additional cost of $5 or so).

UCC Annual General Meeting

Date: Tuesday 12th March

Time: 1:00pm (Common lunch hour)

Location: Guild Council Meeting Room

The AGM is the meeting at which the new UCC committee will be elected for 2013. The only way to be represented is to attend. At the AGM you can run for, and vote for, the various committee positions. As a fresher, attending the AGM will automatically nominate you for the Fresher Representative position. If elected to the position, you will be the first point of contact for freshers to contact committee. Whilst it is a bit of responsibility, it is a great way to get involved in the club and will help you get to know the ins and outs of the club pretty quickly!

UCC Easter LAN

Date: UWA Easter Holidays, Saturday 6th April – Sunday 7th April

Time: 4:00pm – 10:00am

Location: Cameron Hall Loft

Fresh off your first 5 weeks of uni, there will be another LAN held to follow up the fresher LAN. Same games, same rules, different set of people!

Cameron Hall Quiz Night

Date: Wednesday 24th April

Time: 7:00pm

Location: The Guild Tavern

UCC and UniSFA run a quiz night annually. The quiz night is a hilarious evening of silly games, answering questions (ranging from the slightly obscure to incredibly obscure), and hurling (verbal) abuse at the judges – but not too much. In theory, prizes are awarded for those teams who answer the most questions correctly. In practice the judges decide who wins based on a complicated system of bribery, bias and bastardary. Needless to say, this is an 18+ event.

UCC Camp

Date: Friday 19th July – Monday 22nd July

Time: TBA

Venue: Camp Leschenaultia

Last year UCC held a club camp, at Camp Leschenaultia. After the success of last year's camp, we will be looking to run another one this year. The camp involves a weekend of gaming, tech talks, and (for those who are inclined) physical activities such as swimming. Camp is a great way to get to know more members of the club and to get away from the city for a weekend!

UCC 39th Anniversary Dinner

Date: Sunday 15th September

Time: TBA

Venue: TBA

This year, UCC turns 39 (0x27). Dinner has been held at a number of locations over the years, but is always priced for students – previous venues have included the Santa Fe Restaurant in Subiaco, the Royal Perth Yacht Club, and the Royal Restaurant in East Perth.

Cameron Hall Charity Vigil

Date: Semester 2

Time: TBA

Location: Cameron Hall

Once a year, all of the clubs in Cameron Hall get together and hold a night of fun to raise money for charity. There is a cover charge, but you do get fed. More details to come later in the year. This is one of the bigger events of the year.

Other Events

UCC Committee Meetings

Date: Tuesdays Weekly

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: UCC Clubroom

UCC Committee is fairly active, and holds weekly meetings throughout most of the year. All members are encouraged to attend committee meetings, and aside from the mailing list for committee, this is a good way to make your opinions heard. Committee Meeting times will likely change once the AGM has occurred

Committee meetings typically involve shouting, death threats, and the spectacle of eight grown men arguing about what colour the club should paint its new bike shed.

Section 5: Communication via Keyboard

Mailing Lists

UCC has a series of mailing lists that it's members (some of which you might never see in the clubroom) use to communicate. These include:

  • UCC-Announce - An announcement list through which we let members know about Events and the like. You are automatically subscribed to this list when becoming a member.
  • UCC - Got a tech question? Having a party that you wanna invite UCCans to? This is the list for you! Most UCCans subscribe to this list so it's a great source of information on both the club and general technical things.
  • Committee - The list where committee matters are dealt with. If you are interested in the running of the club then you should subscribe to this list.
  • Tech - The list used to discuss UCC's hardware and machines.

If you want to subscribe to any of these lists, you can do so at http://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/mailman/listinfo


Without a doubt, the easiest way to waste time in or out of UCC is chatting on our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server. It's also a great way to get help with problems you're having at UCC, with computers generally, or with Uni life. You'll get to chat with some of the older members of the club who may not even be in Perth. Some of these old guard may seem a little grumpy or intimating at first, but give them a chance, they are gold mines for information about the club and all things tech!

You can connect with an IRC client to irc.ucc.asn.au:6667 and join the channel #ucc, or with a web browser go to http://irc.ucc.asn.au


Join UCC on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/universitycomputerclub/

Section 6: More about UCC

Here there be fresher ideas to work through

Rye-Rye's shit

Shit I actually care about

1. Dispense Machine. Why?

  • Food. Food and drinks. That is good.

Put in:

  • How to get your account (i.e. get a committee member to do everything)
  • How to put it on a card
  • How to do all those other things
  • That, or put in to ask a comittee member to do everything
  • How to put money onto account

2. Games We have computers. The computers have vidja. That is good.

Important things:

  • You need an account to get onto a computer
  • Which computers have access to vidja
  • Rules about using them (don't be dicks etc.)

3. How to get there

  • Use ground level maps god damn guys
    • Also, what to do if it's shut
      • Also put in stuff about surrounding clubs
        • i.e. UniGames/Unisfa and how they are cool guys who fly around and fight all the bad guys
          • UDS/UWAnime and how they are not buff and not a cool

4. Cool things to do

  • Using the music stuff
  • Using that putty thing to use dispense

5. Holy fuck did you know that facebook was a thing and that people can use facebook to join the UCC facebook group holy shit guys

6. Events that I actually cared about

  • The camp (especially about how freshers can go for free)
  • The Lans

Other than those nothing else sounded that interesting

Jono's contribution


  • We have an integrated music system with thousands of songs added by our users.
  • The music system commonly known as robotnik is frequently playing music in the clubroom and can be controlled by any member.

  • Any member can access robotnik from a web browser on one of the clubroom machines by simply putting robotnik/ into the address bar.

  • Most of the music is located in the space directory and is usually listed by artist but may consist of separate folders created by members. *

  • In the top right is the current song playing and the music controls.
  • Just below this is the current playlist.
  • To add to the playlist, click add button next to any song file or just click the title to immediately play the song.

  • Keep in mind that there is a certain etiquette to the music playlist.
  • It is considered very rude to replace the currently playing music with something else of your own choice.
  • If you find the music is too loud it should be ok to turn it down a bit.
  • Just remember that even if the music is not to your taste, it is to the person who put it on.
  • There is a method to add any of your own music to the robotnik library using a program called WinSCP and you can also control the music from a terminal.
  • Ask any committee, door, or coke member to assist you with this.

Making an account and logging into computers

Making an account and logging into the computers.

  • You will need to find a committee member to do this
  • Think of a username and password
  • (Also, it may be beneficial think of a TLA, a Three Letter Acronym. This will be used to identify you in all written club communications.
  • This is not necessary but it makes life easier for you and many others)
  • Once the committee member has set up your account they will likely guide you through how to access the terminal on any machine.
  • If not, then they have failed you, sorry. Try again or here's how to do it in written form.
  • Find program called PuTTY and open it
  • Type “yourusername”@motsugo into the Host Name section and hit enter if using a clubroom machine
  • If at home or somewhere outside the clubroom, type "motsugo.ucc.asn.au"
  • This will open a terminal which will ask you for your login username and then your password
  • Don't worry about the characters not showing up when typing your password
  • Congratulations, you have logged into motsugo.