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 * Wifi - How to get the UCC wifi working on your laptop.

This is the UCC's wiki. You may have been looking for the main UCC website.

What is a wiki? UniSFA has a wiki too.

Items of Interest

Club Stuff

  • ClubPurchases - the Club shopping list.

  • CleanUp - plans for future clubroom cleanups and rearrangements.

  • WebcamArchive - creating movies and archiving the webcam images to DVD.

  • Network - the UCC network.

  • Machines

  • StuffToFix - list of things that need fixing.

  • Website - keeping track of the always-obsolete website.

  • EventPosters - posters from old events.

  • TheftBook - keep track of things 'borrowed' by UCC members.

  • MissionControl - the first stop for Wheel members and interested others.

  • MovieNight - Monday Nights at the Movies

  • UccTalks2012 - UCC Members talking about stuff

  • Steam - It's built broken; how to fix it on clubroom machines.

  • Wifi - How to get the UCC wifi working on your laptop.

The UWA Pirate Handbook

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