All UCC members get personal web space.

How It Works

User websites can be configured by placing files in the public-html/ folder of their home directory (usually /home/ucc/username/). These files are then served by an Apache 2 webserver running on Mussel to the locations:



More detail about the configuration can be found here.

Basic Usage

Place an index.html document in your public-html/ folder to serve as a landing page for your site. Subfolders in public-html/ are served as routes for your site, so e.g. public-html/blog/index.html will be served at The index.html document is the default document served for any route, however you can also access any file (HTML or not) stored under public-html/ or a subdirectory by specifying the filename after the path in the URL. E.g. will serve the file located at public-html/contact/gpg.key.


Easy ways to upload site files include using WinSCP, FileZilla, sftp, sshfs or a myriad of other ways. You can also use SSH and a terminal text editor such as vim or nano to edit your files directly. The HowToUCC/Program page contains more useful tips about performing development work on UCC servers.

If you register a domain name, we can point it at your website; get in contact with a Wheel member. Conversely, if you have your own website and want your UCC site to redirect to that instead, you can configure this yourself by placing a .htaccess file with a Redirect directive in your public-html/ folder. The .htaccess file allows you to control other aspects of Apache configuration for your site as well, such as running CGI scripts.