1.   Any of several marine bivalve mollusks, especially the edible members of the family Mytilidae and in particular Mytilus edulis, a blue-black species raised commercially in Europe. Mussels are often found attached to rocky surfaces or the sides of ships.
   2. Any of several freshwater bivalve mollusks of the genera Anodonta and Unio, found in the central United States, that burrow in the sand or mud of lakes and streams.

Mussel is one of the UCC's "user" servers that also provides the IRC server and is the primary LDAP server (backed up by Motsugo).


Mussel is a VM that is run using KVM on Medico.

It was originally a physical machine built in 1999 with two Intel Celeron 300A Slot-1 processors, overclocked and modified for SMP, to match the fastest available Pentium II's. As an important user machine it was repeatedly upgraded in both hardware and software.


Kernel 4.19.0, Debian10