Server Details

If you are familiar with IRC, the server details below. If not, keep reading.



#ucc (General UCC Chats), #committee (organizational stuff and more chats)


IRC is a great way to talk to other UCCans, as well as people from similar clubs such as CASSA (ECU) and ComSSA (Curtin).

If you want to IRC effectively, your best bet is to SSH to a server and use irssi. To do this, type in "irssi -c" and press enter. If you want to stay connected to IRC even when you aren't connected to the server, look into Screen.

Every IRC client has slightly different commands. Here is a list of commands that work in irssi and what they do.



/connect [server]

Connect to [server]


Disconnect from IRC

/nick [nickname]

Change the name everyone sees you as to [nickname]

/join [channel]

Join the channel [channel]. This means that you can see what people in the channel say and say things yourself

/query [nickname] <message>
/msg [nickname] [message]

Open a window to [nickname] so you can talk to them privately

/part [channel]

Stop talking in [channel]

/cycle [channel]

Leave and then rejoin [channel]

/win [number]

Change window to [number]

/wc [number]

Close window [number]

<Alt> + Char

Change window
Character 1-9 for 1-9, 0 for 10 and {qwertyuio} for 11-19
Character 'a' will go to the last activity

Protecting your nickname

Register your nickname so that no one can steal it, like this:

  • /msg nickserv register [yourpassword]

When you come online, you can identify yourself to the server with:

  • /msg nickserv identify [yourpassword]

Don't use an important password, as our IRC server is not encrypted.