It's not a fish, and it doesn't live in NĂ´tre Dame's just...Humpback. It may have something to do with the fact that the box is mounted behind the screen.

How/where the machine was obtained

Bought used from an auction.

History prior to arriving to UCC

Purchased by the club in February 2009 from Coke sales

UCC machine history

Well, I asked Rufus, but he was playing the game.

In January 2012, Humpback's power supply (which was integrated into the motherboard) died. During its three years in the clubroom Humpback earned the title of "Most Useful Clubroom Machine", and was favored by many, despite not actually being very fast. Humpback was considered so useful that some members even held a competition to see who could stay at the top of the login list, aka the "Humpback-ometer" for the longest. During its final year, the usefulness of Humpback declined, and it began to be superseded by the amazingly powerful Pinball (and later Clownfish).

Current machine tasks

Decommissioned. Will probably be thrown in the bin soon.

Current software configuration

Ubuntu, as drunk in the Congo

Current hardware configuration

Very humpback-like setup. P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM.

Future plans for the machine

To be replaced

Thanks to:

[CHZ] for accidentally buying it, [DAA] for setting it up