Starting in 2022, the Inter University LAN is a caffeinated collaborative 24 hour LAN party. It is a twice yearly event, occurring at the end of Semester 1 and the end of Semester 2 and is co-hosted by various tech and gaming clubs from UWA, Murdoch, Curtin and ECU universities. The clubs involved include,

  • UWA:
    • UISS
    • UCC
    • CSSC
    • CFC
    • UWA E-sports
  • Curtin:
    • Curtin E-sports
    • ComSSA
    • Curtin Game Dev
  • Murdoch:
    • MITS
    • MEG
    • Murdoch Game Dev
    • Murdoch Women in STEM
    • Murdoch DnD
  • ECU:
    • ECU E-sports

There is normally an entry fee for each person attending, but you are able to come and go as much as you want during the event. The entry fee and foodrun costs are split among the clubs. Profit from each event is used to run the next event and purchase assets needed to assist the event (power, network, etc.).

The LAN is a fully catered one, where each person brings their own:

  • PC + monitor or laptop
  • Peripherals
  • All required cables
    • Ethernet cable
  • Power board (preferably not surge-protected - a large string of surge-protected powerboards creates extra load when turning back on after an outage)

Date & Time

  • Late June/early July and late November/early December
  • Saturday and Sunday
    • Starting at noon: 12pm on Saturday; and going for 24 hours



  • Pizza run (e.g. Dominos). Typically ordered the previous day, collected at 7.00 pm and eaten at 7.30 pm.
  • Boardgames:
    • Werewolf
    • Magic
  • Console Games:
    • Wii Games
    • Mario Kart
    • Smash Tournament
  • PC Games:
    • Minecraft
    • 1v1 ARAM
    • TFT
    • Valorant
    • Freeware
    • VR

Subcommittee Documents

Here are the subcommittee minutes and associated documents.