Kalimari Desert is a race course in Mario Kart 64. It is the fourth and final race of the Mushroom Cup. The name of the course is a pun of the real life desert, Kalahari in Southern Africa. The course's most notable feature is the two trains that go through a mesa.

How/where the machine was maintained

Kalamari was ordered online about a week after Antarctica decided to die. In the meantime the machine room managed to survive nicely, despite it being the middle of summer.

UCC machine history

It arrived at UCC during the middle of a 3 hour committee/policy meeting in January 2015 . After the meeting it was installed by [BG3] and [JDN]. Some members of the committee were unhappy about the name so at the following meeting Strzelecki and Mojave were put forward as alternative names. Mojave won, but not being the people that put the air conditioner in, they were ignored and the name Kalamari remained.

Current machine tasks

Cooling. Being cool.

Current software configuration

Assembly code?

Current hardware configuration

6KW Kelvinator in-window unit

Thanks to:

[BOB] for ordering it, [HTL] and [BG3] for carrying up the stairs and [JDN] for helping [BG3] to install it.

Looking After the Machine

The machine is really heavy at 70kg, so avoid trying to lift it where possible. There are two screws on the outside of the unit behind the machine that need to be removed before you can slide the unit out. They can probably be left off when you put the machine back together in the future.