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This page is for people travelling to [http://lca2007.linux.org.au linux.conf.au 2007] in Sydney, January 2007.


(add yourself here)

Speakers from Perth

  • DavydMadeley is a leet GNOME hacker and COCK STAR. He will be giving a tutorial on writing nifty GUI apps.

  • JasonNicholls will be presenting a case study on some work VM stuff at at the Virtualization mini-conf


To Sydney

To Perth

  • Friday (19th)

    Saturday (20th)

    Sunday (21st)

    • JasonNicholls (QF577 12:20 SYD -> 15:15 PER)

    • DanielPearson (QF583 19:25 SYD -> 22:10 PER) (Mark, if you want to kill some time up in Qantas Club before the flight leaves let me know! .... Sounds fun, what time should I be at the airport then? - not sure.. I'll get back to you, or I'll catch up with you at the conf! :)

    • MarkTearle (QF583 19:25 SYD -> 22:10 PER)

    Wednesday (24th)


The 400 bus goes "direct" from the airport to Anzac Parade, which runs along the west side of UNSW, just across the street from International House and New College. Make sure you catch the 400 bus to Bondi Junction, not Burwood. The Burwood 400 goes the wrong way a long way. The stop you want is about 50m down from New College, which you'll pass on your right. The trip is about 30 minutes.

[http://www.131500.info/realtime/fromToTimetable.asp?Origin=T3+Qantas+Terminal&Destination=Kensington%2C+Anzac+Pde+opp+UNSW&Date=20070114 This link] shows buses for flights arriving on the Sunday - edit the date and reverse origin/destination for more options.

It's 7 sections, which is $3.90 (student concessions from interstate don't apply).

The manly option is, of course, walking direct. It's only about six kilometers walk (the bus goes in a funny direction).

If you're planning to get around Sydney a bit, I'd suggest buying one Blue (2 sections) and one Brown (5 sections) Travelten (kinda like Multiriders, but per-trip (not time-based)). The 2-section will get you to nearby shops in Randwick (three stops on the 400 towards Bondi). The 5-section will get you to the city. The two together will get you to the airport.

A taxi will cost anywhere between $16-$25, depending on traffic.


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