This page is for planning various side projects to be run during LinuxConfAu2007

Heads on Sticks

This was a great success last year, see InterviewTranscripts for details. Suggested people this year include:

  • Hans Reiser
    • Sound bite - "Every time you use ext3, Hans Reiser kills another woman. Please, think of the women."
  • Bruce Perens
    • Sound bite - "Novell is the new SCO."

Mac vs PC Commercials

Just like the Apple ones, except funnier and with different operating systems.

  • The mac guy starts talking, then someone throws in a beach ball, and he spins it for the rest of the time.
  • Someone with an OpenBSD shirt ranting about security and not being able to talk to the PC guy because he's insecure. (I think I have something we can put on the OpenBSD guy's head to make him look like a blowfish - DavidAdam)

  • Greg Lehey (or similar) in a FreeBSD shirt and the Mac dude. They can start by talking about how much heritage they have in common, and fifteen seconds in, FreeBSD collapses on the floor and the Mac tries to give him CPR.
  • Find two youngish children - say 10-12 years old, preferably one girl and one boy. Get them wearing completely different clothes. Start with the Mac dude and one of them as Linux, halfway through the Linux kid runs off while the Mac is talking. He stops mid-sentence to stare after Linux. The other kid runs back on and says 'sorry, keep going?'.
  • Someone dressed up with a lot of bling is Windows Vista, but needs a portable generator to power it. The linux guy just stands there and wobbles (wobbly windows).

We should also film some people singing the CaptainPacket theme song.

We also need some xckd references.

And don't forget the LinuxConfAuDrinkingGame.

PGP Keysigning Trolling

Since so many people will blindly sign a key at a keysigning party, may as well have some fun. See[email protected]/msg00437.html - we obviously need someone relatively unknown to collect signatures for ACC Murphy, as well as appropriate ID etc.