Motsugo is a minnow sized fish, also known as the Topmouth Gudgeon. It was introduced in the 1960s into ponds in Nucet, Dâmboviţa County, Romania and it made its way into Danube, then spreading throughout Europe. They pose danger to another species such as the sunbleaks (Leucaspius delineatus), as they are the carrier of a parasite (Sphaerothecum destruens) which while not damaging to the topmouth gudgeon, attacks other fishes like the sunbleaks, which are unable to spawn and have a higher mortality when infected. Source:

UCC machine history

Motsugo was purchased new by the club, with money from donations and club funds. From the outset, it was designed and built as a file server to replace martello (and do the job much more reliably). 12G more RAM added 20110617.

Current machine tasks

Host of secure user home directories, main user shell server. Took over Martello's tasks. Still used for a couple of Member VMs because people are scared of Medico.

Frames loves medico more than everyone else, combined, and is running many big jobs on it for his final year project (2014).

Current software configuration

Debian Squeeze. Required a kernel newer than 2.6.33 to be compiled in order to support the TRIM function of the ssd.

Current hardware configuration

Supermicro X8DT3-F Mobo, dual Xeon E5520 CPU's, 120GB OSZ Vertex SSD, 5x2TB WD Caviar Black Drives, 24GB DDR3 RAM.

Future plans for the machine

  • Want to move /home to a new file server

  • Want to move all VMs to Medico

  • Retire?

Thanks to:

[MRD] for doing all the purchases.
[BOB], [TRS], [DAA], [MSH], [JCF] for setting it up.
The Great Storm of Perth.
[MRD], [JCF], [TRS], [BOB], [DJA], [CJS], [DAA], [TPG], [MSH] and [SJH] - who between them donated $870 to the cause
[FEL] who donated a stack of RAM so we could fill the Mobo completely.