Medico, the Cuban and Dominican name for the Acanthurus Coeruleus or Atlantic Blue Tang Surgeonfish.

Acanthurus is the type genus of the family Acanthuridae. Approximately half of all members of the family are members of the genus Acanthurus. They are found in tropical oceans, especially near coral reefs, with most species in the Indo-Pacific, but a few are found in the Atlantic Ocean. As other members of the family, they have a pair of spines, one on either side of the base of the tail, which are dangerously sharp (hence the name "surgeonfish").

UCC machine history

Medico was purchased in 2012 from club funds to replace the constantly failing Mylah as VM host, SAN host and samba server. Purchase List

Current machine tasks

NOTE: Not yet installed, might do the following

  • VM host for a samba server (replace Mylah)

  • SAN host/gateway (replace Mylah)

Current software configuration

Proxmox VE 5.4

Current hardware configuration

  • Generic TGC-23650 case
  • SuperMicro MB-X9DRL-iF motherboard

  • 64GiB DDR3-1600 ECC RAM (8x8GB)
    • Upgraded from 32GiB after installation of second CPU
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2680 8-core CPUs (taken from New-Dead-Maltair)

    • (previously 1x Intel E5-2640 - motherboard has two sockets, one was unused)
  • 2x OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSDs (used for OS, in RAID1)
  • 1x Samsung PRO 950 500GB SSD (used for ceph)
  • MYRICOM Inc. Myri-10G Dual-Protocol NIC (SFP+ compatible, used to connect with 10G network)
  • LPE11002-E 4 GB Fiber Channel card

Thanks to:

[DTK] for purchasing and constructing. [BOB] for setting up Proxmox.