We have a NAS. We were donated this directly from NetApp and we love them lots. It's a 2 rack unit NetApp FAS2020 with two controllers and 12 300GB SAS disks; one called nortel and the other called onetel.

[MRD] originally set this up and we supposedly have a copy of all the licences we could ever want in the machine room. Much undocumented voodoo went into its setup (just ask Matt)

At the moment, it's not hosting any user home directories because we haven't set up acl's and didn't have time to set it up properly after the mylah crash. So anything it's hosting just has nfs exports, and no acl support (/services and motsugo's /vmstore).

Assorted Gotchas

Something to watch out for: When configuring NTP, it needs to be done in 24 hour time, and needs to be configured on both nortel and onetel.

If the NetApp has orange lights on the front this generally means that a disk has failed. However, it will not always tell you this on the web interface, especially after a reboot, because failed disks don't necessarily boot and get recognised by the system.

When disks fail, NetApp wants you to pay for their hardware and makes it difficult to put your own disks in. But it is still possible to modify standard seagate disks to suit! If you happen to have some 300G SAS disks handy (like we do/did) you can go to this site and find out how to flash them and format them to be suitable. [BOB] has successfully done this, using motsugo's SAS bays. The disks may appear as failed when first put into the NetApp, so this site might be consulted on how to remedy the situation.


From within the UCC network: http://nortel.ucc.asn.au/na_admin or ssh to root at nortel.ucc.asn.au