Follows on (again) from SoftwareEngineeringDesignCITS2220. This unit divided up into a number of areas: (surprise) Software Requirements, Project Management, Metrics, Testing and some other miscellaneous topics (Software Configuration Management, Refactoring, etc).

This unit can be viewed in a few ways:

  • If you don't really care about software engineering and are just taking the unit to complete your degree, it's pretty boring but relatively fuzzy: if you read the notes (the day before a test or the exam) to pick up some keywords it's not hard to write common sense answers to questions and make it through the unit with a good mark.
  • If you like to learn about software engineering and different points of view, the course isn't too bad: it doesn't go into very specific detail but it gives you a taste of different ideas and ways of tackling problems.
  • If you're really motivated about the topic, the course might highlight things that you haven't encountered before and this will give you some ideas about what to read about in books, magazines, and blogs.

The 2006 course had some changes compared to the 2005 course: Rachel talked more about Agile methods and Extreme Programming and their underlying foundations. The workshops included some unit testing with JUnit and introduced Code Inspections. These were pretty good, although it seemed like most students didn't really take an interest.

Background knowledge from this unit is extremely useful if you're a team leader in a ProfessionalComputingCITS3200 group.

The 2006 course was available on iLecture, which was probably another reason for low attendence.

Taken by RachelCardellOliver.

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