UCCans love the internet, so to get UCCans out to camp we need internet. This page outlines the setup that is used to make sure that internet is present and reliable at the camp.


Historical information about the UCCCamp Internet connection can be found at CampInternet2012


A J-Pole attached to the side of the Verandah outside with a waterproof enclosure and a Yagi 11dB directional antenna.

Tick Boxes

All of these tick boxes should be done well before camp each year.

UCC Should Have:

  • Yagi 11dB directional antenna
  • 1.8m J-Pole
  • DLink OperWRT Router
  • USB 3G Dongle
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • 20m Power Cable
  • 30-40m Ethernet Cable

You will need to get/convince UCC to buy:

  • Clamps to mount the J-Pole
  • 2 Sim cards
    • One for initial use
    • One in case someone runs amuck and uses all the data

What to do before getting out to Camp:

  • Ensure you have a copy of all passwords
  • Ensure that OpenWRT is up to date and running
  • Ensure that you get internet through it.