The ComputerClubsCamp2012 needed an internet connection. IPoP (IP over carrier Pigeon) and laser links were discussed, but practicality prevailed and [BOB] organised a couple of 3G dongles.

In brief, put power and ethernet up a 6m pole, connect to a router with USB dongle and plug that in to a 11dB directional Yagi antenna. What could go wrong.

List of people involved

[BOB] provided the router and 3G USB dongle(s).

[DTK] built the enclosure and mast.

[MRD], [SLX], [EDO] and [*OX] helped on build night.

Project plan

We need:

  • An antenna. Yagi 11dB directional antenna (./)

  • A mast to elevate the antenna. Segmented ~6m mast of 45mm dowel (./)

  • OpenWRT router - DLink (./)

  • USB 3G dongle (./)

  • Weatherproof enclosure mounted on mast (./)

  • Tested on Cameron Hall (./)

  • Base for the mast to stop it from moving
  • IPCam inside the enclosure to look out at the camp