Uncharity Vigil is an overnight vigil on a weekend either in January or February. During the vigil UCC, UniSFA, Unigames, PCS and occasionally Panto and UCA (who are all Cameron Hall or previous Cameron Hall clubs), hold events specific to their club in their clubrooms in Cameron Hall or the Loft in Cameron Hall, to raise money for the clubs. The entry fee and foodrun costs are split among the clubs. And each club keeps the money they raised from their own events.

There is normally an entry fee for each person attending, but you are able to come and go as much as you want during the event.

It is encouraged that you bring plenty of spare change/cash to participate in events and for microtransactions (pay to win). The more money you bring, the more activities you can enter and participate in. The clubs also use the money raised to upgrade their clubroom equipment and members experiences.

Date & Time

  • End of January/start of February, before Semester 1.
  • Either Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday.
  • Typically starting at 4 or 5pm and ending at 9am the following morning.


  • Cameron Hall clubrooms and the Loft.


  • Dominoes pizza and garlic bread foodrun. Typically ordered around 6pm and eaten at 7pm. There's a break in activities as people eat.
  • A raffle and sometimes an auction for prizes that each club contributes to.


  • We typically only use our clubroom for the activities we hold, such as:
    • VR
    • Jackbox
    • Screencheat
    • LAN Games
    • Screenings


  • Unigames uses their clubroom for:
    • Boardgames & Card games

    • RPG Oneshots
  • They also hold an auction in the Loft to decide on their new dragon logo and sticker colour for that year.


  • UniSFA uses their clubroom for:
    • Karaoke
    • Screenings
    • Videogame Tournaments
    • Book Voting


  • PCS do not currently have a clubroom in Cameron Hall as of 2022, but they have previously had one in the past. As such, they typically hold their events in the Loft. Such as:
    • Unprogramming Contest
    • Hacking Scene Quiz

Subcommittee Documents

Here are the subcommittee minutes and associated documents.