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What it is

Let's put a whole heap of computer nerds in one place for a weekend and see what happens! We'll make sure there's (guaranteed dial-up speed) internet, the rest is up to the people attending. Lanning will definitely happen, but there will also be some people there who are doing hardware/software hacking and coding. Besides that, it's just a great chance to meet some like-minded people and network.


  • Spotlight
  • frisbee
  • dev talks
  • project groups developing something (ideally, but probably not) (unless we get really drunk)
  • lanning
  • movies
  • beach lake games

  • rock band

More information on the Camp Internet connection and /Network is available.


Start on the night of Friday, September 21. Stay Saturday and Sunday, and then leave Monday morning. This means the camp is happening over a weekend and we don't have to line up holidays/long-weekends across 3 universities.


Camp Leschenaultia near Chidlow. http://www.camplesch.com.au/

Map: http://goo.gl/maps/lfbBT

What to bring

  • sleeping bag + pillow
  • computer + powerboard
  • headphones
  • inter-meal snacks
  • drinks (we provide tea, coffee and water but anything else is up to you) (please be sensible)
  • earplugs if you're a light sleeper
  • clothes for 3 days
  • shoes
  • towel
  • clothes, toiletries, and all that other crap that you need to survive for 2 days (you smell, don't forget deodorant)
  • munchies for between meals
  • SNES games
  • probably more to add here...


All meals will be catered for, except Monday morning breakfast.

  • Friday dinner: lasagna, pasta with sauce/pesto
  • Saturday breakfast: weetbix/nutri-grain/corn flakes, baked beans, toast with butter and spreads, oj, tea/coffee/milo, apple juice, yoghurt
  • Saturday lunch: BBQ (sausage, bun+butter, beer onions, tom sauce, mustard, bbq sauce)
  • Saturday dinner: pizza (ah mccain, you've done it again)
  • Sunday breakfast: bacon, fried eggs, toast with butter and spreads, two types of juice, tea/coffee/milo
  • Sunday lunch: BLT wraps (lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo, burrito)
  • Sunday dinner: pumpkin soup with bread + butter, apricot chicken with rice
  • Monday morning: people get breakfast themselves on the way home or at home
  • Tea and coffee available at all hours
  • Total Cost per person for meals: $40.00
  • Note everything is included in the cost


Dorms, $25 per person per night. So we are aiming for at least 40 people. At this stage, we are working on ~20 people from UCC, and are hoping CASSA and ComSSA can get 10 or so each. The capacity of the venue is 80, and it's slightly cheaper if we have more than 50 people.

Total cost:

The total cost per person for the camp is $115. Past experience tells us that few university students are prepared to pay that much, even though it includes all food. As we have done in previous years, UCC plans to subsidise the cost for its members** down to $80. Your club may choose to not subsidise at all, or subsidise a different amount.

**People who are members of multiple clubs must buy tickets through the club they are primarily a member of.

What we need from each club

We need a commitment from each club that they will advertise and push this event to their members. Like last year, we ask that each participating club pays one third of the deposit, which is $100 each this year. "Don't be a dick" rules apply, and you will get your deposit back at the end of the camp assuming nothing gets damaged. This event is pretty huge to organise, and one of the aims of the event is to socialise between computer clubs - it's no fun if it's just UCC! We also need one person from each club to be our contact person.

Contact People:

  • UCC: David Gow. sulix AT ucc DOT asn DOT au
  • CASSA: Rob McKnight. president AT cassa DOT org DOT au

  • ComSSA:


Some booking terms can be found at http://www.camplesch.com.au/bookings.html

  • In addition:
    • In the event the deposit is in some way affected, it shall affect the deposit of all three clubs equally, except where damage (and hence loss of deposit) is clearly caused by a member or members of a particular club.
    • Numbers attending must be confirmed by September 7 so that catering can be organised.
    • Don't forget, assuming all goes well, you do get your deposit back at the end!


What was good

  • Internet - having it on two separate plans. Means that we can't use up our entire internet quota with one rouge machine that has been overlooked.
  • Having dja who knew good squid rules.
  • Antenna: good setup, well waterproofed, but difficult to take down. Want an omni-directional antenna next year (if hspa+ uses multiple towers like I think it does).
  • Food was good, though overcatered
  • Venue was good overall
    • Fire was good++
    • Millipedes were good
    • Power at venue very good
    • Cool room must be turned on at the fuse box
    • Bringing our own knives was a very smart move, as the ones at the camp were pretty blunt. Bring a sharpening steel next year.
    • Had enough space to do a dedicated table for games and dedicated console games area
  • Heathred worked really well, though we needed more pre-tested servers
  • Network was solid thanks to much pretesting, and aving a separate routing server worked well (as it did in 2011)
  • Abalone was a very good move and meant we had a local server
  • Game variety was good
  • Tech talks good
  • Getting people to help with meals
  • We had a rule; "no computers at meal times" that worked really well. It encouraged conversation and ensured people helped with meals
  • Marshmallows were good and we ended up much much banter occuring around the fire as a result
  • Having a project permanently setup from start was really good, but we needed to pick a spot that wasn't right below a skylight
  • Good getting people to bring own power board
  • Scholarships for fresher attendees sponsored by some oldguard (Coxy and Lionel)
  • When buying food: take at least three people to the shops with two cars. It makes life much easier
  • Good having a huge salad bowl that can be put out with dinners - you just make it once and then put it out with every meal. Needed more variety in the salad though
  • Garlic bread was good
  • Keeping meal/club food in cool room and individual stuff in fridge worked well
  • Making sure we knew how to light the oven WELL before the meal. Those ovens are a nightmare to light because the piezos don't work.
  • Having a separate dining area meant we could set up, eat and clean up without being around the computers
  • Outside meals were good when possible - reduced the amount of cleaning up and we got to sit in the sun.
  • Didn't have too much music, but it was good to have while setting up
  • Having a DC server on abalone worked well
  • Tables set up in an oval was fairly good, but not tolerant of more than 25 people. Good to have gaps in circle
  • Having plenty of spare parts - mouse, keyboards
  • Staggered arrivals of people so we had people who came late can pick up whatever things we had forgotten
  • Budgeting well beforehand and planning where to buy stuff.

What we could do better

  • Advertising - there was plenty in Cameron Hall but very little around the guild and the university
  • Don't run a combined camp again - it's not worth the effort. They can attend if they want, but they don't get any input into the camp. Too bad if it clashes with one of their events - we only had two CASSAns attend this year, and nobody from ComSSA
  • We needed more tea towels. The 4 we had couldn't dry fast enough and got pretty dirty
  • Don't do pizza again - too time consuming, and too hard to serve because it can't all be put in the oven at once and served at once.
  • Make soup beforehand and freeze
  • Plan date of camp to be at end of mid-sem break
  • Bring more teaspoons. The camp has like, 2
  • Bring knife sharpener
  • Tech talks were thrown together at last minute
  • Shorter tech talk to start
  • Bring smaller wood for indoor fire. The wood that's there is nearly impossible to split.
  • Needed beanbags or a couch. There's plenty of chairs, but nothing to lounge on.
  • We need a good free-standing screen + projector stand
  • Scholarship advertising + deadlines needs to be improved
  • Projector screen placement - don't put it under a skylight
  • Call place we're buying the meat from the night before, tell them what we want, and get them to freeze it. We completely cleaned out Woolworths of chicken and bacon this year and ended up paying more because of it.
  • Frozen bag veges suck. Get real ones, or don't get veges.
  • Salad needed more than two ingredients, and dressing
  • Fun tip, lasagna gets thinner when you cook it - 2.1kg lasagna is barely big enough for 9 serves. Cater for more!
  • BAN surge protected powerboards
  • Get people to check headphone cord length
  • Must wake people to frak theme. Mario was insufficiently torturous.
  • Probably didn't need a dedicated music server
  • Need a couple of extra spaces so there is a little choice on where to sit
  • Make camptenna easier to put up and take down. Don't put it up in the dark
    • Ensure that the people with essential cables+parts will arrive early
  • Don't overcater. We had lotsa leftovers!