What it is

Let's put a whole heap of computer nerds in one place for a weekend and see what happens! We'll make sure there's non-sucky internet, the rest is up to the people attending. Lanning will definitely happen, but there will also be some people there who are doing hardware/software hacking and coding. Besides that, it's just a great chance to meet some like-minded people and network.


  • Spotlight
  • slip'n'slide
  • frisbee
  • dev talks
  • project groups developing something
  • lanning
  • movies
  • beach games
  • tug of war


Start on the night of Friday, September 30. Stay Saturday and Sunday, and then leave Monday morning. This means the camp is happening over a weekend and we don't have to line up holidays/long-weekends across 3 universities.


Woodman Point Recreation Camp, Munster. Specifically, the Spinifex building. We we will also rent out the recreation hall as well @ $100 per day, and have to pay $50 for the initial setup of the power distribution.


Like Ern Halliday, Woodman Point doesn't permit you to do your own catering. This is because the company that normally does the catering there has fitted out the kitchen with all their own gear.

  • Friday dinner: pizza from dominoes
  • Saturday breakfast: continental breakfast
  • Saturday lunch: people drive down to shops for lunch (THIS IS THE ONLY MEAL NOT ALREADY PROVIDED)
  • Saturday dinner: hot dinner, no dessert
  • Sunday breakfast: continental breakfast
  • Sunday lunch: BBQ (cooked on day area bbq's)
  • Sunday dinner: hot dinner, no dessert
  • Monday morning: people get breakfast themselves on the way home or at home
  • Total Cost per person for meals: $57.80
  • Full menu available at: http://www.dsr.wa.gov.au//assets/files/Camps/Catering/Accolade%20Community%20Menu%202010%20and%202011.pdf

  • Note everything is included in the cost for except Saturday lunch


Dorms, $23 per person per night. Minimum charge of $600 per night. So we are aiming for at least 26 people - but ucc will pick up the difference if we don't make the numbers. At this stage, we are working on ~20 people from UCC, and are hoping CASSA and ComSSA can get as many as they are able. The capacity of the venue is only 60, so it's first come, first served.

Total cost:

The total cost per person for the camp is $126.80. Past experience tells us that few university students are prepared to pay that much, even though it includes most food. As we have done in previous years, UCC plans to subsidise the cost for its members** down to $80. Your club may choose to not subsidise at all, or subsidise a different amount.

**People who are members of multiple clubs must buy tickets through the club they are primarily a member of.

What we need from each club

To ensure that each club takes promoting the camp seriously, we ask that each club contributes a part of the booking deposit based on the percentage of their members attending the camp. At the moment, UCC is expecting to pick up the entire cost of the rec hall and power, but it would be great if other clubs could chip in some of the cost of that.

More Information

For more information about the camp and to pay for your entry please contact:

ComSSA: Richard Pilgrim ([email protected])


Some booking terms can be found at http://www.dsr.wa.gov.au//assets/files/Camps/Bookings/Woodman%20Point%20booking%20conditions.pdf

  • In addition:
    • In the event the deposit is in some way affected, it shall affect the deposit of all three clubs equally, except where damage (and hence loss of deposit) is clearly caused by a member or members of a particular club.
    • Numbers attending must be confirmed by September 12 so that catering can be organised.
    • Don't forget, assuming all goes well, you do get your deposit back at the end!


Everyone has 20/20 vision in hindsight, so to capture this stuff for another time:

Good things

  • Venue (- catering)
  • Planning night to test setup
    • Having separate routing and games servers worked well - it made debugging easier
  • Network redundancy / carrier diversity
    • External internet access is good, but doesn't need to be all that fast - most of the lanning happens on local servers
  • Casual talks
  • Preparation for power - we checked all available circuits months in advance and hired a 3-phase breakout unit
  • Coxy bought a small bar fridge with him which lived in the games hall - it was much loved and heavily used
  • Rock band + projector = win
  • The commodore 64

Things to improve

  • Some felt that a bit more structure was required
  • Need more people this was probably due to the fact the event hadn't happened in such a long time, hopefully it can be a calendar event now with full committee support [MRD]

  • Need to control the weather better and make the ocean warmer
  • The commodore 64 music
  • Insect protection

A list of what was on the menu this time, it was minimalistic but sufficient

  • Breakfast
    • Toast with butter and spreads
    • Weatbix, corn flakes, rice bubbles
    • tea, coffee, milo, oj, apple juice
    • Berry yoghurt
  • Lunch
    • BBQ with patties, sausages, onions, rolls and buns
    • Mustard and tom sauce
  • Dinner
    • Lasagna one night, with salad
    • Roast chicken the next with roast spud, pumpkin, and sweet spuds and/or salad
    • All dinners had bread and butter with them
    • No dessert