The Computer Clubs Camp 2012 will have the following network setup

Yagi -> 3G Dongle (Internode public IP) -> DLINK DIR825 -> PacketShaper -> Router -> Switch -> Gaming box and desktops


3G Dongle

The 3G dongle is a Huawei e372 with Internode SIM, this is connected to a 11dB YAGI


The DLINK is a DIR825 doing NAT and has the IP address

It is running OpenWRT.


The packetshaper being used normally lives life as, monitoring the UCC clubroom uplink.

It has been repurposed for the weekend and is now called "Shapey" with an IP of

No policies are set at present.

Servers ( runs squid, bind and dhcpd along with iptables to manage the network (akin to the role of murasoi in the main UCC network) ( runs gaming servers and holds a user vm ( running an IRC server bridged to the main UCC irc server on mussel.

Switches ( and asphalt on has been reconfigured to suit the remote network and its 48 ports will offer access ports for all the gaming machines for the weekend.

At present there is no wifi on offer at the camp

Other notes

IP Space is being used for servers and network devices on the core side of the network is being used on the user/access side (and for the two user access servers)