The Freshers are Happy.


Despite the committee meeting minutes of the past several years, freshers are generally not happy. You have a lot of work to do.

As fresher rep, your official duties are listed in ยง16.6 of the constitution:

As proposed under the 2014 Committee KPI Document:

  • to assist in the continued recruitment of first years to the club
  • to promote UCC Events to first years and suggest ways in which to further increase first year attendance at events

Unofficially, your role is much the same as an OCM (ordinary committee member), with a few extra fresher-specific tasks.

  • Resist idiots pushing you into only reporting "The freshers are happy". This is a waste of yours and everybody elses time
  • Because you just joined, you are unique position in that you can remember your initial impressions of the club - and we need to know about them because that's how we improve and survive as a club
    • Take note of what you thought when you (a) first met us, and (b) first walked in to the clubroom. What can be done to improve those things? TELL COMMITTEE THESE ANSWERS. This will help with fresher retention, and help us improve the club for everyone
  • Freshers usually stick around more when they're involved in the club and know what they can get out of the club, so you need to know these things, and then you need to think about ways to get other freshers more involved
    • The best way to get up to speed quickly is to inject yourself into our communication channels (email lists and their archives, irc, facebook) as well as having more of a look through this wiki.
    • Amazingly enough, your fresher guide is pretty good at telling you stuff too!
    • Previous fresher reps have had a fresher come along to a committee meeting each week and presented them as a "fresher of the week"
  • Finally, an unofficial role for the fresher rep is to the check the stock of drinks and snacks (both in the machines and in storage) before each committee meeting, and report said levels when requested to at the meeting