This page is for discussions of how we can be involved in 2014 at UWA. Dates:6-10th of January 2014

Give Away Free (short term) Accounts

[*OX] I suggest that we give away 'demo' UCC Accounts:

  • Give away to anyone, not just conference attendee's
  • Start giving away from 1st Jan
  • Accounts Expires at End of month, unless membership paid.
  • Put in a separate LDAP group? so easier to close
  • Make a modified UCC-adduser script to facilitate


  • Web registration:

  • Saves to #sv file /home/wheel/matches/public-html/cgi-bin/accounts.dat

  • Then run: /home/wheel/bin/

    • It uses pexpect to work with existing ucc-adduser script

  • TODO: Manually remember to lock/delete accounts at end of month


  • Offer clubroom and Cameron Hall as 'chill space'
  • Investigate the practicality of relocating the Coke Machine to a high-volume conference area
    • Maybe even moving more infrastructure depending on distance.

Offer Hardware Stuff

  • VM hosting
  • Rack space
  • Switches, tools; see the TheftBook

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