Mylah, aka the two-spot red snapper, is a tropical fish found around several oceanic islands. Utilized fresh and dried-salted.

History prior to arriving to UCC

UCC machine history

  • Former Xen host of Mussel and Custardrum.

  • NFS fileserver
  • Ate all its disks in 2012. Went through several iterations of temporary servers.

  • Replaced as fileserver by Nortel

  • Mussel was moved to Proxmox on Medico.

Current machine tasks

  • Samba
  • Mounts /away from Nortel and then exports to other machines (for Samba)

  • Exports backups and mp3s storage from the SAN

Current software configuration

  • Debian Wheezy

Current hardware configuration

"Not sure if this is still correct..." It's a DELL Poweredge 4600, with a DRAC, 5RU tall. It has several 146GB SCSI U320 Drives and 2x Xeon 3.2Ghz CPU's

Future plans for the machine

Thanks to:

Mylah was donated to the club in late 2009 by [FEL] (Mitch Kelly)


This machine requently eats SCSI disks. If a disk has recorded too many errors, it will continue to work until the machine reboots, and then the machine will refuse to progress in the POST until the disk is replaced. For this reason, disks with errors should be replaced as soon as possible (or just upgrade the entire machine).